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Do you RP as a daedra worshipper?

  • goatlyonesub17_ESO
    Only while waiting for a Dolmen to spawn worm cultists. And then it's only a joke that I stand in front of the sacrificial steps and perform /ritual.
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  • wolfbone
    it depends. I'm a wood elf, who worships hircine.
  • Bladerunner1
    I have a neophyte daedra worshiper in RP, an old wood elf thief with crickety joints. Imagine accepting a retrieval mission and being paired up with a nimble, young Nightblade wood elf who hops into the shade of a tree stump and seems to vanish, only to pop out from the shade of a shrub some distance away. She made stealth look all too easy, and eventually the old elf found out about Shadow stepping and fell in with a gaggle of witches who serve Nocturnal.
  • Aideian
    I have a Orc that's dedicated to malacath and a wood elf dedicated to hircine, I decorated pariahs pinnacle to make it look like a malacath follower sanctuary and my wood elf I just made him look like he's dedicated by using the beast skin and personality with hircines champion as his tittle as well as his name is son of hircine lol.
  • Cadbury
    I mainly only play Orc characters, due to my admiration of their lore/culture. Currently, my Orc character is an atheist.
    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • Araneae6537
    Worship? I don’t think so, but several of my characters honor some of the “good” daedra at least. My Bosmer main did not at first but, when fulfilling the Hircine daily in Elsweyr, was blessed by a cat which she took as a sign and named Hircine (reaches level 24 I believe it was while doing that quest). Now she honors the daedra of the hunt as she stalks dragons and other fearsome prey. :)
  • Aigym_Hlervu
    I once kept to the Anticipations. I was one of the Nerevarines, an Ashlander clanfriend before finally realizing the Tribunal and especially Vivec to be the only saviors of Nirn among those who claims worshipping them. As the Nerevarine I could have done nothing without Vivec's guidance to stop the Sharmat. ESO also showed me the true nature of that three "good" Daedra Princes whom the Tribunal counts as their Anticipations. If contacting the statues of the Princes and undertaking their quests is considered to be worshipping them, then I do worship those of them who gives me certain artifacts I need. Otherwise - no, I keep to the Tribunal.
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  • Ilsabet
    Summerset spoilers:
    Ilsabet has never really worshipped any particular deity beyond having a general respect for the higher powers. After the events in the Crystal Tower she came very close to low-key having allegiance to Meridia in honor of her champion, who happens to be the man Ilsabet loves. She'd already been carrying around Meridia's token ever since completing her time in Pact lands, and Meridia had been an ally multiple times against the forces of darkness. However, after finding a certain book and learning the truth about Meridia and how she treated her vessel, things have been... complicated.
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  • Chiefdrake
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    Irivan V'kali -- Hlaalu Dunmer -- Nightblade
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  • Vlad9425
    I find it difficult to RP in an MMO but in Skyrim sure.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Three of my Dunmer worship Azura, but this doesn't really go any further than having an altar and a large statue of her in their house. Another of my characters has a shrine to Sheogorath in his house, but his blood-soaked criminal insanity is just a background thing and not RP that I actually act out.

    However, I do have an RP character that is a Xivkyn Soulbrander, and he lives, beats and breathes in the service of Molag Bal (or else). This character's work in the service of Molag Bal is absolutely central to everything I do with him.
    PC EU
  • Nephthys
    There is only one god.... and his name is death. What do we say to death? "Not today!"
    Dunmer magicka Necromancer DPS/Healer
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