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Textures Resolution

Its about time that we get an upgrade on the textures !
An Hd textures pack Zos !!!
  • Metafae
    I'd just be happy to see the original racial styles get an HD texture change. Not asking they change what they look like, just better quality textures on current style.
  • WatchYourSixx
    Everything post TG that has been added has been 4k res. I'd love to see them update everything before that with 4k textures as well, (they are already HD) as some reused assets in newer content usually has the old crappy textures. (Looking at you wood planks and reused rocks!) But unfortunately, something like that would be a massive overhaul considering 70% of the game map and asset wise was in the original release of the game. Redoing that much would probably take years.

    I'm all for it though if they do it :smile:
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  • Marcus_Thracius
    small things should be first - start with the resolution on your charachter - just look at the feet ffs - its textures from the year 2000
  • Banana
    Yes please.
  • ArchMikem
    If they overhaul the base game you can say hi to another like 20gb in file size.
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  • Marcus_Thracius
    soooo ...still no feet textures
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