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Minotaur Motifs

So call me an unwashed heathen if you want, but what's up with the sudden surge in demand (read: staggeringly high prices) for Minotaur Motifs?

I mean don't get me wrong. As an avid regular of Kvatch and the surrounding area, I love the high prices cuz I'm making bank. I'm just wondering what's shooting the price of these particular motifs through the roof (especially when Order of the Hour, while still a respectable price, is not nearly as high on any front).

Anyone care to enlighten me on what happened? do they just look cool (they do, but so does Order Hour IMO), or is there more to them and their ridiculously high price that I don't get, given their (relative) easiness to obtain.
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  • Taleof2Cities
    It’s simply been longer since Minotaur was offered in the Crown Store compared to other motifs, @Zulera301. One of the reasons for the high demand.

    Though it does look cool as well ... such as the Minotaur staff paired with Coldsnap Goblin light armor on my Dunmer.

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  • NoTimeToWait
    It's one of the only motifs with bare chest and also it has quite decent pauldrons/shoulders and helmets. And quite a long time ago ZOS reduced drop rates for these motifs, when they introduced outfit system. Since then the price was quite high, dampened only infrequently by Anniversary events
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  • redlink1979
    @Zulera301 High demand, low supply. Even around the anniversary event the price of chest page was around 100k on PS4 EU. 115k avg atm.
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