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Top 3 Worst PvP Changes

  • KillsAllElves
    RedGirl41 wrote: »
    Hashtag_ wrote: »
    1) The artifact weapon

    In theory this was a cool idea but it honestly just puts more stress on the servers and creates more lag. Allows for faction stacking to zerg a map down and destroys pvp.

    2) Reintroducing Faction Locks

    What more needs to be said that hasn’t already

    3) Bridge/Mile gate changes

    No one ever asked for this change and was implemented for lord knows why. Creates bigger stacks and hurts server performance at these points.

    Agreed 100% the weapon just causes more free o tics. Just making ranks more irrelevant and each keep so laggy you blue screen. And good luck trying to respawn before they get to the keep... cuz you won’t make it out of the load screen.

    Also why even give us a warning when the weapon is gonna spawn? It makes people just camp it

    AvA ranks mean nothing.
  • Xologamer
    faction lock is the worst thing ever introduced i know nobody how change aliance to the winning aliance the only thing what it affects is that u cant play wit hfriends anymore...
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