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Guild history ps4

Am I losing my mind or did we have this discussion like a month ago when you did this to pc?

TRADING GUILD CANNOT OPERATE WITHOUT GUILD HISTORY. New members cant get promoted without being able to confirm their donation, cant track donations for promotions, demotions and kicks. Everyone who donated prior to this being turned off that hasnt been logged just got screwed out of whatever they donated. Cant run raffles

Seriously whats the deal? I though this was off on pc because of a problem with addons requesting data AND HAD BEEN TURNED BACK ON. Why is it off for us when we dont have addons in the first place? When is it coming back on? How do you expect trading guilds to operate like this?

We already have to bust our back trying to scrap enough money to afford the new bid prices from multi bid but we now have to do with no guild history?

  • Hotdog_23
    I swear I don't think they test on console or hardly at all. Guess it will be months before it gets fixed cause you know we are on console and don't matter nearly as much as our PC brothers and sisters. Guess the add-ons on console was breaking the game....wait we don't have add-ons. Wonder what their excuse will be for this one.
  • DragonRacer
    Yup, totally borked. Here is the thread we're all sort of gathering in if you want to combine voices:
    PS4 NA. GM of The PTK's - a free trading guild (CP 500+). Also a werewolf, bites are free when they're available. PSN = DragonRacer13
  • ZOS_BillE
    As posted here, an update went out over the weekend to resolve the issue effecting guild history on consoles.
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  • MilwaukeeScott
    Thank you for the quick fix!

    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
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