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What class is best for overworld SOLO SPEED questing?

Soul Shriven
I'm currently making one of each class and get to max CP. After that I want to complete every overworld quest over all DLC's.
What class can do all overworld questing the fastest while solo?

Best Answer

  • JusticeForJilarga
    This one would suggest a Stamina Nightblade because:
    1. You can Kill enemies quickly.
    2. You will have plenty of Stamina when you need to run on foot.
    3. You can always choose to run past some enemies.

    Though being able to Persuade and Intimidate helps cuts corners on some quests so that is a must have.
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    Accepted Answer
  • Twyst
    Any class is more than capable of this. For reference, my main is current a MagCrow which (last patch, not played much this one) the lowest of the DPS classes in trials. But yet in raid gear it clears overworld adds and "bosses" in mere moments. Quite often the bosses are still talking when I'm looting their rotting corpse :)

    I have enough stamina to run most of the dungeons. Although I do have less stamina, I don't use as much running in light armours thanks to the Grace passive.

    I also have a horse which runs through adds. Although having good riding skill is essential.

    I do agree though that Persuade and Intimidate are essential.

    TL;DR - Class does not matter, they all clear fast when built for DPS.
  • Square252
    My main was a StamNb for Cadwell's Silver and Gold only, no side quests or so. Thought i like it, but then i tried a MagPlar.

    tbh, MagPlar rules for Solo Content. I finished Cadwells Gold and Silver including every Quest i could find in the Zones. So far only Murkmire isn't at 100% progression on my MagPlar. I admit it, i'm in love with her. She just burns through the enemys. (But my love for her is indeed limited to solo content, let's not talk about Trials or PvP when my MagPlar is listening...)
  • yRaven
    MagPlar is the easy mode doing solo... not that i use one

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