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Lost Indrink Feather to conversion, no answer from support

Soul Shriven
As the title says. I had five feathers (one in a container, four in the bank). I used the four fragments to summon the nascent indrink and went to open the container to convert the remaining one: Feather disappeared without an equivalent fragment appearing. Scouted the forum, opened a ticket. It's been almost three days and the status is still "Waiting on agent".

Also, event is almost over and I am at the ticket cap again, storing them to purchase the next berry. Will I be refunded in tickets or will the fragment be correctly reinstated?
  • Taleof2Cities
    Post your ticket number in the General Help forums, @MrPowow.

    A mod usually follows up once a day or every other day.

    No guarantees on a solution ... but at least you’ll get a reply from a live person.
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  • stuartx13
    log out log in.
  • SydneyGrey
    It's the weekend now. You'll probably hear something on Monday.
  • essi2
    SydneyGrey wrote: »
    It's the weekend now. You'll probably hear something on Monday.

    Bots take the weekend off!? O_O
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  • ZOS_BillE

    I've sent you a private message with an update on your support ticket.
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