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Voice to text

I am racking my brain trying to figure out if I'm the only one having an issue trying to convert voice to text in the chat window.
    subtitles? U need to press eso symbol on chat and press settings and I think it's called npc chat or something like that, it's window where you can select what chats u want to see

    On consoles I think u need to go through settings > commuication, if Im not wrong
  • nofsimus
    No I mean use my voice into my headset to convert to text in the text chat channels.... the option is there and it doesn't work
  • Spamzilla22
    Soul Shriven
    Did you find a fix for this? I too have the same issue.
  • nofsimus
  • GChaseXmas
    I wasn't even aware that there was a talk to text feature. But that could be because I play on console.
  • ThanatosXR
  • kinguardian
    I try to figure out if this exist. I have trouble typing so I am looking for something that I can talk into my headset and it gets typed in the chat.

    If this is possible can someone step by step explain how I do this?

    I am on pc.
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