Necro Fear buffed to standard after Turn Evil but where is the NB fear buff?

  • Hamboot
    I agree it's absolutely ridiculous
  • kalunte
    the buff on nb fear is coming next major update, or the one right after, or never. Nightblade isnt a class allowed to have skills better than generic skills.

    if you want a class with better skills than generics, go for anything else.
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  • Mayrael
    Luminide wrote: »
    This is actually insane, I can't believe turn evil's going to live the way it is without any improvements to mass hysteria.

    Guess everyone's gonna be fearing now, all that's left is to add cloak and streak to guild skill lines and everybody can play the same build all the time, an ideal game in ZOS's mind apparently.

    Yeah I am all for giving cloak to everyone, at least I will be able to play like I want without gimping my self by choosing one of the weakest specs.
    I am doing my best, but I am not a native speaker, sorry.

    Mael Nightshadow - that's all you need to know.
  • OtarTheMad
    Necro fear is still not working its way on my bar.
    Aldmeri Dominion
    Althrimir- High Elf Sorcerer
    Daemog gro-Khazgur- Orc DK
    Mithllandel- Bosmer NB
    Althrimir Agarwen- High Elf NB
    Althreeza- Argonian Templar
    Maharic Laveash- High Elf Warden
    Caelia Althrilius- Imperial Sorc tank

    Ebonheart Pact
    Althrimir Vorsaris- High Elf Magsorc Former Emp
    Sidariath Perthro- High Elf Necromancer
    Alvika Ice-Wolf- Breton Magden
    Ermazar- Dunmer Templar
    Kathariel Many-Arrows- Bosmer stamcro
    Boney-Tail- Khajiit MagDK
    Haunted Luigi Board- Lowbie Argonian NB
    Should Follow Meta- Nord Necro
    Jormiskr- Imperial Templar

    Daggerfall Covenant
    Toasty Tail- lowbie DC

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