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Why nerf Dro’Zakar’s Claws?

  • Wolf_Watching
    Was looking forward to hunting and golding this set.

    Not worth the effort now.

    Same. Like I said 150 or 167 would have been a nerf enough if one was actually needed. Like I thought the goal was to have strong med sets and nerf heavy ones. TF
    Edited by Wolf_Watching on August 3, 2019 9:43AM
    For All Those Who Don’t Understand What Real Balancing is, or What The Word Buff Means in Video Games:
    Please just stop (with the nerfomancing). We are all sick of people like you, no offense. Just play the game w/o gear or armor. You are going to die and scream anyway.

    Otherwise I don’t mind helping you fix your build for either PvE or PvP. Just hit me up w/ a PM.
  • Nemesis7884
    its so unnecessary and stupid...even the smallest chance at any build diversity away from the norm gets immediatly crushed...

    the gameplay is getting more boring with every new patch
    Edited by Nemesis7884 on August 3, 2019 2:53PM
  • Aztlan
    Revert to the original configuration.
  • validifyedneb18_ESO
    Not going to pretend like im an active player anymore, but this *** sucks.

    I do like testing the new PTS stuff, and this set was sick, bringing a bleed-centric offmeta that was definitely good enough for the hardest content without being the best (Which one would have thought would free it from the danger of nerfs...)

    Usually take the attitude of "come what may" when it comes to ESO changes but this is just plane *** and disappointing.
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  • Nemesis7884
    dont even think im gonna do the dungeons anymore since the interesting sets have been aöready nerved into tje ground and motif doesnt drop... only the healer set is interesting and who wants to even play that after the update?

    I just dont get zos thinking... putting in all the work and removing amy incentive for people to see it...i really dont get zos

    and im starting to disslike myself for becoming one of the whiners i always complain about but the game is simply becoming so stale and uninteresting to me as everyone plays the exact same things....
  • Bandugar
    And no change this week, so most likely set will stay as it now. So dissapointing :-(
  • Nemesis7884
    the set is worse now than hundings congratz... a lot of work for nothing...
  • kaizen914
    To the people trying to justify this nerf, please don't. You're putting in more effort than ZoS probably did before they made it even worse than it was.
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