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[PC/NA] DETOX CENTRE - Australian Oceanic Asian Based PVE Endgame Progression Trials Social Guild

The DETOX CENTRE is now open!

We're are a new Oceanic and Asian Based PVE Endgame Progression Trials Guild on PC/NA.
We pride ourselves as an End-game PVE community but social, fun filled and anti-toxic at the same time! We are looking for mature players. :)

We currently host daily open veteran trials between 6pm - 10pm AEST daily.
We are currently progressing vMOL HM, vCR+1 and vAS+2 in 3 separate groups.

We also warmly welcome all new players! However we encourage you to be at 160 CP before joining.
We also host training runs for newer players particular to veteran Maw of Lorkhaj, veteran Asylum Sanatorium and veteran Hel Rah Citedel Hard Mode.

We are planning on hosting social events such as hide and seek, trivia, housing tours, and various competitions!

Other key guild features:
- Access to a great discord
- Access to all sizes of training dummies
- Access to a large number of master crafters in guild
- Access to a great community of endgame players to help improve your game play
- Access to many players keen on doing veteran arenas and clearing veteran dungeon achievements

Current guild clears - All Crag HMs, vMOL HM, vCR+1, vAS+1, vSS + Yoln HM, vMOL 3 Pad Burn...

To join us, head to our discord and drop in an application.
You can also message our guild Owners - @dodalau or @hbrendan for more information!
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