Missing Crowns, Can't submit a ticket because I can't login to support

Soul Shriven
Hey, I'm missing ESO + crowns and I can't login to my eso account. I can reset my password and follow the links through my email and login that way, but once I go to submit a ticket I have to login again and it won't take my login info. I get "login failed."

I've verified my email and reset my password but I still can't login to submit a ticket. I am ABSOLUTELY submitting the correct info and I've looked it up a bit. It looks like this is kind of a common thing. Also, I don't think I have EVER gotten my eso plus crowns without having to submit a ticket :(

I've tried resetting my password a few times and now I'm waiting on the account recovery thing. I'd really like those riding lessons while they're on sale :(
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