NPCs in Player Housing

I'd love to see some life in my house other than my dog standing in one spot as if it's stuffed. How about selling a pack of NPCs of particular faction. For example, for 5k Crowns, you could sell 10 NPCs with varying personalities and pathing options. It could include five guards, two servants, one stable master, one commander-like person and one cook. Or you could sell them per NPC. It'd be amazing to see some NPC guards up on towers or guarding walls or something.
  • Marginis
    I second this. It might be hard to implement an NPC that wanders around in your house, but in the very least it'd be great to see some NPC furnishings that fly or run around a bit more dynamically than most of what we have. Even just more NPC furnishings would be great, to make our houses feel more alive. Even if the limit on special furnishings like pets and mounts remained, I'd much appreciate a bartender that's at least a little more drunk than Nuzimeh.
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  • Acharnor
    Yes, and/or NPCs you have met in the game! Maiq anyone?
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  • Pheefs
    washbern wrote: »
    I'd love to see some life in my house other than my dog standing in one spot as if it's stuffed.
    THIS TOO! no dog is quite THAT obedient.
    let the pets and mounts move around if we want

    NPCs and more activity would really make the environments better!
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  • Kalik_Gold
    Wanted the Dro’Mathra and missed out. Couldn’t find a crown seller in time. When I was online... hopefully they bring that target back stand alone.
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    Jux Blackheart a master thief that frequents the Sisters of the Sands inn for pilfering, was known to infiltrate any bank vault or Ayelid ruin without detection, but Kalik can vividly recall the night he met the thief. Jux found himself rummaging thru a slightly inebriated Kalik’s pocket for too long, on a full-mooned night and because of this greed. He lost two fingertips as a lesson! In return, he gained a new friend.

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    The other men rescued were a Dunmer, a Breton and two Imperials. One of the Imperials was related to Abnur Tharn the Battlemage of the Imperial Elder Council (Ras Kalik's mentor in the Five Companions). Cinan Tharn is Abnur's drunkard treasure hunting illegitimate son, that was caught smuggling artifacts out of the Ayleid ruins in Cyrodiil and the elder Imperial Tyrus Septim is a retired battle-mage soldier and guard to the Tharn family. As much as Abnur Tharn hated his half-sister Euraxia, he dislikes his bas†ard son more. The Dunmer captive shackled to the Imperials looked familiar to Kalik from his time in Morrowind.... and he recognized him as Tythis Andromo a House Telvanni slave-owner and banker from Vvardenfell. During a rough interrogation to Tythis, Ras Kalik learnt why the bandits accosted him. The racist Dunmer was providing slaves as soldiers for the Three Banner War. The bandits were trying to negotiate a lucrative ransom for Andromo and the Imperials.... Kalik did not need any of this gold and he could never set Tythis free as he did with the two Imperials. His past involvement with slavery and war crimes, made Kalik's blood boil. He chose not to execute Tythis, as he figured the worse punishment for this former rich and opulent slave owner, is to now be a manservant for Ras Kalik and the tribe.

    Herzog Zwei the Genesis a Breton and also a prominent member of a cult of Xivkyn worshipers, was seeking to purchase an artifact from Cinan Tharn, before their capture. This artifact being an Ayelid artifact; the sword Sinweaver. After their rescue and the exchange of gold to Cinan for the sword he decided to slip away before Ras Kalik could question who he was, and why the Xivkyn worshippers wanted that sword. Herzog was headed to Nagastani — An Ayleid ruin in eastern Cyrodiil. He had heard rumors that the Sword would give him magical powers to become a Xivkyn, if he performed an Ayleid ritual at an old shrine hidden there. Equipped with the artifact sword, he was off to start his own adventure. Ras Kalik did indeed notice the sword however, an sent a letter to Jux Blackheart (whom also was interested in Ayleid treasures), to attempt to find Herzog and acquire the sword. (*Azani Blackheart in Elder Scroll's Oblivion is Jux's descendant some 747 years later)

    And so the Redguard, Imperial and Breton men have parted ways for now... While Ras Kalik is off to Elsweyr to encounter the latest threat to Tamriel, with Abnur Tharn and Sai Sahan - - DRAGONS!! Little does he know, a necromancer survived his attack on the Withered Hand, in Alik'r and the one known as Auriek Siet'ka is also following him to the land of the Khajiits. Cacique the Sage of Ius a Shaman mystic who has become attuned spiritually with Tu'whacca (a Redguard God) and Ius (the God of animals), after being burned severely by escaped dragons, is awaiting the arrival of Kalik to Senchal.
  • TonyRockaroni
    I want this, as long as they do NOT want them to contribute towards the same furnishing count as pets and mounts. I don't wanna remove another pet! ;w;
    zaria wrote: »
    The bard in Rimen crafting district :love:

  • TelvanniWizard
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  • Inhuman003
    NPC in housing Yes and especially ghosts NPC too.
  • Kelces

    Yes, I saw this too. Exactly what I was thinking of, when I read the title. This would be huge!
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  • Keylun
    It’s definitely coming. They would make great money through bards
  • redgreensunset
    zaria wrote: »
    The bard in Rimen crafting district :love:

    Oh, hell yes!
  • Karivaa
    I want my other toons to be in my house.
  • washbern
    I'm not sure I want to have my toons as placeholders in my house. It'd be kind of creepy. But some ki d of bard or dancer or something I'd pay good money for
  • MacMurroughTheFirst
    So I'd honestly never even entertained the idea of NPCs as "furnishings" until today and now I've run across it 3 times within an hour and I love it more every time I read it. I'd very much love the option to have animated NPCs in homes and on the premises but now, I'm loving the idea of my other characters as options as well.

    I don't really do much external roleplaying; however internally, all my characters have a loose backstory that usually includes a "favorite" home I own. My main is the nomadic type and it'd be cool for him to visit the others spending their off-time in their own abodes.
  • rexagamemnon
    I have been an advocate of a spouse option like TES V:Skyrim for a while
  • Lapin_Logic
    A Bard
    Party revelers (stationery is fine)
    Also add a Bard College Skill line for musical group buffs
  • TelvanniWizard
    If we ever fet this, hope we can customise the npcs just like our characters with the creation tool, and use items from our collections tab.
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  • es4eva
    I have my banker and merchant in my house, of course, and also found a Soul Shriven in the in home decoration store. That really livened the place up a bit. Would be really great to have more options like that Soul Shriven.'d be great to be able to make your banker sit down if you place a chair near him...would look better having him sitting at a desk, I think.

    Yes, I'd be willing to pay for this kind of stuff, especially in the larger houses...estates should be bustling with activity, servants, etc.
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