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steam and non-steam version

Soul Shriven
I bought the steam version of standard eso few weeks ago.
so what happen if I bought non-steam version of the standard edition in the same account?
Also if I get additional chapter from the amazon, can I redeem the chapter even if base game is steam edition?
  • Alastrine
    I have the Steam version, which was my original edition.
    Someone gifted me the big gift set, which came with another game key so when it went FTP I started a second account. I needed a different email from the main account to do that, plus only the Steam version starts through Steam. The other account I start from a game icon on my desktop which lets me log in to either actually.
    I now have 3 accounts, the third works like the second.
    Not sure if this answers your question about buying a non-steam version or not but thought I would offer it.
    As to the chapter, no idea.. I buy all my chapters through each account page for each account. If I log into the "Steam" account via the account page and purchase any chapters it works fine on the Steam edition. I just prefer to buy that way as opposed to buying through Steam itself.
    Hope this helps and doesn't sound too confusing :)
  • fetito666
    I just got on Steam all CE editions with a 64% discount. I am happy! This is the best day of the month.
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