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Do your characters know each other, or are they related?

  • Ertosi
    All of my characters are part of a mercenary company working together under a Letter of Marque for the Daggerfall Covenant. Together they run covert operations mainly against the Aldmeri Dominion out of a hidden grotto along a remote shore of Summerset. They also use this base of operations to smuggle arms to Maormer contacts who further assist in harassing Dominion shipping lanes. When running operations on the mainland, they do so under the guise of an entertainment troupe.

    The company first started when my main and original character, an Orc raised by a Breton family, met my next two characters as they were fleeing from the Dominion, a Khajiit and Wood Elf both wishing to sign on with the Covenant. They joined forces and have since been dedicated to helping the oppressed Khajiit and Bosmer of the Dominion overthrow their arrogant high elf overlords. The company's ranks have since swollen as they accepted members representing most of the other races, including a few forward thinking Altmer. All share a common vision of true equality between races and believe the Covenant provides their best chances of achieving this goal.

    I view my bank resources as representing the company's total assets, rather than belonging to any one member (character). As they share resources, I also treat my mounts and pets as unique so each is only allowed to be used by a single character at a time. One of my characters tends to drink a bit much, though, and sometimes steals the mounts and pets of the other characters.

    Each character brings something unique to the team with roles ranging from leader, crafter, cook, scout, healer, bodyguard, frontman and sneakthief, to quartermaster and head mage. None are of any relation to each other, but overall they get along quite well despite their differing personalities.

    I really hope one day ZOS adds the ability to place currently unused characters in our Houses, that way I can get some screenshots of the team members together.
    PC NA @Ertosi
    ♠♦ My Team ♥♣
    GoanJabsplar [Grand Master Crafter, Master Angler, Tamriel Hero, Explorer]
    FigsStamblade Sneakthief [Master Thief]
    Sir PriceStamblade Bow Ganker [Daedric Lord Slayer]
    MayaStamblade Speedster
    AhmedMagblade Bomber
    BalzarStamSorc Blitzer
    WinniePetSorc Thunder Mage
    TanksStamDK Tank
    MonaMagDK Fire Mage
    BearlyStamden Tank
    IvanaMagden Ice Mage

    CP 950+
    ♌ DC Loyalist ♌
    ✄ Grand Master Crafter
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  • Gretzel
    No, As I prefer to roleplay with other people. Three would get along and my templar would be enemies to them.
    Sorc dps / DK tank / Templar healer - Xbox NA - Black Marsh Legion - cp 270
  • Gretzel
    I actually haven't done this but me and my mate were joking about the idea of our ESO characters being ancestors to our Skyrim characters as the Skyrim events are something like a 1000 years after the ESO events.

    I imagine my healer being an ancestor to my other Elder scroll chars in oblivion and skyrim. They are all part of a long line of healers and worshippers of Mara and Akatosh.

    I have danced with the idea of making a Morrowind or Skyrim character who was a descendant of my main but that would mean she had kids at one point and she doesn't seem like the person to do so.
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    Sorc dps / DK tank / Templar healer - Xbox NA - Black Marsh Legion - cp 270
  • Krainor1974
    Gretzel wrote: »
    I actually haven't done this but me and my mate were joking about the idea of our ESO characters being ancestors to our Skyrim characters as the Skyrim events are something like a 1000 years after the ESO events.

    I imagine my healer being an ancestor to my other Elder scroll chars in oblivion and skyrim. They are all part of a long line of healers and worshippers of Mara and Akatosh.

    I have danced with the idea of making a Morrowind or Skyrim character who was a descendant of my main but that would mean she had kids at one point and she doesn't seem like the person to do so.

    Could be adopted my main has a adoptive daughter and sister. So maybe your main has a adoptive child , or even a adoptive child that had children than you new character could be that child
  • Mason_King
    All of Mine are related and/or are friends.

    Lord Trent of Wayrest, Hero of Daggerfall, is the Patriarch of a Family. Started As a peasant farmer boy who Joined the Lion Guard at age 14, Became a Warden. He quickly climbed the ranks and became a Hand of the King. Captain of the Royal Guard and and the Ambassador of Wayrest at age 21. (Was never Soul Shriven) He is the Blacksmith, Woodworker, Armorer, and Chef.

    Julia of Alinor, a Redguard Sorceress of Incredible power. Rescued in Abah's Landing, at age 7, when she was captured by thieves and was on route to be sold to slavers, and and then Adopted by a Powerful High Elf Mage, who saw her potential, and took her back to Alinor. As Fate would have it Trent was In Abah's Landing at the time, Julia had returned to exact revenge on Hammerfell for selling her to slavers. Trent managed to talk her out of it, and promised her a good life, if they married.
    She is the Alchemist, Enchantress, and Clothier

    After their marriage They settled in Trent's castle. and they had a son. Mason, raised slightly spoiled by his Parent's wealth, but miraculously turned out to be a gentleman. He showcased both His father's lust for adventure and his mother's Potential for great magic. So he became a templar. He goes to school In Anvil, Summerset... Artaeum, Clockwork City. to learn about Crafting and Furnishing, He is the Jack of all Trades.

    Before going off, to school, He leaves his good friend behind, Tyron of Camlorn, whom was born with Werewolf Abilities, It's a Family myth Hircine bred with a human, and began their family Heritage of Werewolves. Tyron and Mason are friends essentially since childhood.

    Aria is my Huntress and Assassin Her family is from Anvil, and She hunts all creatures Aedra and Daedra a like.
    She is also girlfriend to Mason.

  • Jodas70
    Soul Shriven
    I have used Gallantius quite a bit...
    Jodas Gallantius...Usually my Paladin/Knight
    Kirstoph Gallantius...The Dark/Black Knight
    Xaviare Gallantius....The Rogue

    Gallantius is usually Imperial but I have my main Jodas as a Breton.

    If I roll a Mage or Druid type, I always use a different name
  • Monte_Cristo
    My Nord magsorc (Melissa) and Altmer magden (Oriana) are the daughters of my Nord stamplar (Taurus). Their mother died during the Covenent invasion of Bleakrock, where they lived. That's why the sisters joined the Pact army. Their father took his wife's body back to Auridon, where she was originally from, and was recruited as a privateer by the Dominion to raid Covenant shipping lanes and ports. He was a retired pirate beforehand. My Khajiit Stamplar (Freta-Rome) was placed in his crew to ensure he didn't start raiding Dominion ships. My now deleted Dunmer warden was quartermaster on this ship.
    My Pact character all know each other through the Pact military.
    2 of my Covenant characters, Misty (Imperial stamden) and Amber (Altmer magplar) are both Imperial army deserters.
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  • PullaStormy
    As I mostly roleplay in my head while I quest (take the character's role and choose options and routes according to that), some of my characters know eachother or are related.

    It's a bit complicated to explain all the ties all 14 have to eacother (if they even do), so I'll just say there's a young Bosmer guy, his aunt and his cousin - sort-of-young Dunmer guy, his father's cousin, his daughter (who is related to the Bosmer family through a friend's character, she is half Bosmer and half Dunmer), his two Argonian servants (yes, not slaves) and he knows half of the roster. There are two who are not connected to the others in any way.

    Coming up with lore for toons is fun but if I'd explain it in full detail, we'd have a novel here which ain't fun.
    PC-EU - Roleplayer, Quester, Crafter - Fashion Scrolls - 1000+ CP
  • faolan2018
    Do my character's know each other? hm. tricky question.

    Well, my main, the Dominion Agent Amun'Ri, met my healer, Mera'ko, in the fields of Cyrodiil while on duty, and my necro, Mathieu Cerise, just... does things.
  • Bored_Owl
    All mine know of each other at the very least but some are actually friends/allies/rivals.

    Ma'rali and Swims-Through-Many-Storms are friends/possibly girlfriends (I haven't decided yet) and Swims was unofficially adopted by the rest of Ma'rali's family after Ma'rali found out that Swim's parents died

    Ma'rali and Ma'inari are cousins who ended up on opposite sides of the war. They still get a long pretty well since neither of them particularly care who wins (Ma'rali just wants the citizens to be safe and felt that joining up with the Dominion to protect her homeland was the best way to go about it, and Inari just joined up with whoever paid her the most)

    Alaran-daro and Pahara-ko are sisters-in-law although they don't really talk much since Alaran-daro's brother was killed.

    Cerinare is a bounty hunter who's been trying to capture Lareniel after Lareniel conned Ceri's employer. As such, Ceri doesn't particularly like Lareniel, but they've been known to team up on occasion since they don't actually want each other dead.

    Laelesa, Oliviana (deleted), Apolline, Caelia, and Ma'inari all know each other from being in the army together, and Inari is Cerinare's go-to when she needs something of dubious legality done.

    Alenor and Swims are in the Mage's Guild together and occasionally team up to find Sheogorath's artifacts.
    Divine Knight of Đivination
    Sergeant-at-Arms of the Pride of Daggerfall
  • lonesom3lm
    Soul Shriven
    i have six now, two of them are i guess in their own universe (couldn't figure out how to justify having, uh, six vestiges lmao) but the other four know each other. i can't play a character i haven't fleshed out, and having other characters for them to interact with helps with that.

    Dasha-Ma is an ex-Shadowscale sailor whose ship was taken by pirates, one of whom was Gadsi Red-Hand, a Dunmer necromancer. both outcasts from their childhood homes, they bonded quickly. but when Gadsi found out their crewmates meant to sell their captives to slavers, they helped everyone escape at the next port and set fire to the ship. Gadsi and Dasha-Ma traveled together for a while, until they were attacked by werewolves. not long after, Gadsi turned and mindlessly attacked their friend, then fled upon realizing what they had done. they both miss each other dearly, but don't see each other again until they awake in Coldharbour.

    Crooked-Jaw (or Rook, as nicknamed by Jun) is a deceptively mild-mannered young Baandari caravan guard and part-time performer who ran off to become one of the Queen's Eyes. at some point in his travels he encountered the gentle Halim, an Alik'r Khajiit and double agent for the Covenant and the Dominion. they fell for each other pretty quickly, and sometimes work missions together.
    Halim has also worked with Junloch the Thorn, known to friends as Jun, a good-humored Orc mercenary who grew up in the delightfully gloomy locale of Rivenspire. Jun has had their fair share of brushes with vampires, but somehow has managed to come out unscathed, apart from a long-term relationship with the Bosmer vampire Malvi the Rose. Malvi is an assassin with the Dark Brotherhood and largely amoral but generally not malicious, and only really cares about her own autonomy and Jun. Jun is the third in a poly relationship with Halim and Rook, and Malvi is down with it (she has plenty of casual hookups herself) but not interested in getting involved beyond sex. She really wants to turn Jun into a vampire, as she is afraid of losing them, but Jun says they don't want to do it until they're a sexy middle-aged Orc, and they mean it.

    i haven't quite figured out how the main quest factors into those four's stories, but i feel like Jun would make a good vestige and the others would be people who help them. Rook also has some serious main-character-syndrome going on but i don't want his story to get too busy, and he'd be a good ally. i kind of want to RP with some of them too but i already have this whole story for them :')

    as far as sharing resources, Halim is a skilled enchanter so he made them all little bags that connect to the same stash spot.
    Edited by lonesom3lm on June 12, 2019 4:04PM
  • Dutchessx
    I mostly write fiction based on my adventures in Cyrodiil. My main EP character Dutchess is a Breton. Believing her family killed in an Orc raid she fleas for her life and ends up joining the Ebonhart Pact. My DC character’s name is Gwendolyn Ashford she is a Templar and is actually Dutchess. I have even attempted to make them look like the same person. My other characters that have regular names are individuals that appear in my stories.
    Former Guild Leader Darkest Requiem
    Dutchessx - Sorcerer - EP NA
    Dütchess - Templar - DC NA
    Dutchess of Lost Souls - DC NA
    The Dark Dutchess- Sorcerer - DC NA
    Ðutchess - Templar - DC NA
    Always beware the sound of hooves in the night
    Remember Haderus
    Remember Azura's Star
  • ZAD1ST
    I have 13 characters and 3 are related to each other.

    The Dark Elf sisters S’Asha, X’Ari & T’Sali Dro’Masque. They are my frag sorc, my magblade and my dk healer. They all look similar but not identical

    T’Sali is the baby of the family and much shorter. She spent her teen years trying to be a mag tank but realised her calling was as a non meta healer 😍

    S’Asha is the prettiest of the sisters and also hits like a truck. She’s married to my Breton Sorc Healer Jasperius. He used to keep a stable of familiars and dabble in pet sorcery but now prefers healing with just his trusty twilight ‘Twiglet’ by his side.

    X’Ari is the most deadly of the Dro’Masque sisters. She’s a bit of a loner but recently bumped into Jasperius’ younger brother who goes by the name The Bone Doctor. He’s an equally introverted Breton Necromancer who’s an up and coming summoner.
  • 2Weenies
    Out of my three current characters, they all have rather minimal relations. The closest to a full on relation would be my Orc DK tank, Larzh gro-Brobara, and my Khajiiti StamNecro, Ozyrin Mandis.

    Larzh is essentially a sellsword and Ozyrin a cranky Telvanni. Ozyrin hired Larzh once to fetch some rather questionable ingredients, but that was about it.

    As for the remaining character, my High Elf Thalmor Templar healer Ingwelende? She's pretty much just a bureaucratic officer who has no time for all that nonsense and is way too busy dealing with paperwork and troubles all around the Dominion. Larzh hasn't encountered her on his travels, and Ozyrin rarely leaves his tower, let alone Vvardenfell, let even more alone Morrowind in whole.
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  • kaisernick
    I have three dunmer
    My necro and nightblade are brother and sister
    My dragonknight is the son of my Necro
    I also have two imperials both wardens and the female is the daugther of my male
    The rest dont really know each other or have a passing knowledge of each other if relevant.
  • JadonSky
    My 4 mains are all related (siblings). 1 is a family friend that has specially crafted gear for the family name for generations. My other 3 are toons they know and more rivals since they are the darker side (necro/NB thieves and murders).
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