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Issue with Stam Alts

  • Waffennacht
    Iskiab wrote: »
    MaxJrFTW wrote: »
    Stamina is a lot squishier in no cp. That's all there is to it. I started playing ESO as a stamplar, arguably the weakest class in no cp due to a lack of defensive tools. I was managing just fine, but a few months ago i changed to magplar to give it try. Once i got used to magicka i tried going back to stam and couldn't do it. Stamina requires a much faster pace and in and out playstyle.

    That's why i find it funny when people say stamina classes dominate pvp. Cp and no cp are totally different, and there's a reason why high mmr bgs are dominated by mag/ranged classes.

    Agreed yea. People talk like vigor is a full heal and I wonder what they’re smoking. I almost feel like I’m doing something wrong, if I’m half health it’ll take 3 vigors to bring me to full health.

    1 vigor should get you about half of a full health bar.

    Your tooltip should read somewhere around 2k a tick (your tooltip divided by 6 as it ticks 6 times) or roughly 1k per tick in no CP PvP.

    That's 6k, now factor in Crits, being modest this should bring the average vigor a total of 9k healing if unbridled. At 21k health or so, that's a massive heal for a very modest cost.

    If you have access to major mending or vitality, that's almost 12k health (after Battlespirit)

    3 vigors is way too many lol
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