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Delete the Volendrung artifact from the game right now

This weapon is stupid. Zergs weren't powerful enough now you give them a stupid weapon. Delete this thing from the game now and finish this madness. I know Sheogorath is a daedric prince of madness and he is related to this weapon but I don't think even he tolerates this kind of madness.
  • LoveForElderScrolls
    DBZVelena wrote: »
    It is so insanely easy to kill the person wielding volendrung I don't see the problem here.

    Not easy when that coward person is hiding behind his zerg,

    If you want less people to be fighting you at the same time, try out battlegrounds.

    I don't want less people to be fighting at me. I want this weapon removed from the game
  • Irylia
    Must be a zergling disguising himself as otherwise in an attempt to get volendrung removed because it’s insanely effective at wiping zerg faction stacks.
  • Janoy
    I think it’s pretty damn fun to use, but I do agree that cyclone could use some adjusting. That *** hits groups like a damn bullet train.
  • Davadin
    It is so insanely easy to kill the person wielding volendrung I don't see the problem here.


    happened a few times now. a well timed rush to the holder (which has a big red glowing signal on his back) will get the job done.

    the weapon is not OP by any means, EXCEPT against a keep door. Which, is the way the dev intended.

    Honestly, it's kinda fun now.

    Before, siege taking is purely a game of numbers. Who got the bigger number (attacker vs defender) at that exact point in time will get the keep.

    Now, if u got this hammer u can just go to town on the nearest keep with a handful of people, poke a hole all the way to inner flag (under 1 min) and you can die some glorious death. the rest is up to your team.

    It's a mix of strategy, luck, and quick thinking.

    no more "oh hey guys. lets take BRK. ok cool, we got enough to fill 2 zerg. OH WAIT, AD is faction stacking there. forget about it. why bother trying. lets go hit Bleakers. "
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  • ZOS_RogerJ
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