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LF Social Guild

Soul Shriven
Hi all,

I am a returning player who left a couple years ago; I would like to return in the ESO world and find a social guild. (unfortunately my schedule is quite tight)

My available timeframe is in the weekdays evening (19:00-23+) and more freedom on weekends.

What I am looking for?

As mentioned before, a social, relaxed and mature guild (I'm 37 years old if you're wondering)
My preferred role is tank (rolling one) or healer (I had already leveled a Templar back in the days with ~100CP)
Doesn't matter if the guild is small or large

What about myself?

I'm a mature and social player, drama free; I would like to play a support/key role (thus wanting to play tank/healer) and I am not shy/afraid to jump on voice communication softwares (TeamSpeak, Discord etc.)

My goals?
Find a guild in where I can level, learn, improve my role expertise with more or less the same group of people (I'm a bit fed up with toxic pugs - experienced also in other MMOs)
As I progress towards the game/endgame, contribute with my skills
Trying to be as helpful as possible with all guild members, either new or veteran ones

If you're interested in recruiting/voice interviewing me, feel free to drop a reply here linking your TS/Discord or get me ingame (my id @ilganna).


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