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Getting started again

Soul Shriven
I've stopped playing ESO for some time now, I'd guess about 1,5 years. I'd like to get started again but there's one tiny little problem.
See, before quiting I tried making a new build which I spend all my money on. This build is now (probably always has been) completely useless.
Fortunately I still have a lot of crafting materials left to sell, with the money I could craft gear and get started again.
Now the problem is that no trade guilds allows me to join because I can't pay their required dues.
Nor can I guarantee that I can do so weekly because I am a very casual player (like 5/6 hours a week max).
So my question is, do any of you have suggestions to help me get started again?

Thanks in advance!
  • soundillustrations
    Plenty of crafted gear you can make to fit a build. What kind of character/class is it?

    Most stamina can wear
    Hundings rage
    Shacklebreaker or Nightmothers gaze

    Most magika can wear
    Innate Axiom

    Or some basic combos like that for cheap easy to get crafted gear sets. PVE focused of course.
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    Your skins clears mean nothing to me if you can't do vMA.

  • Caleb_Kadesh
    This game is super easy to get restarted. You just need to adjust your expectation. If you already have a main that you want to play then pick an overland gear set or non dlc dungeon set and run normal dungeons and/or overland quests/delves. If you want some specific help let us know what class/Stamina or Magicka you play and folks can get more specific.
  • El_Borracho
    Money is the easiest thing to get in the game, don't sell all your mats to build/buy gear. Best bet is to find out where the overland sets are that are best for your build, then go run the main storyline for those zones. You will get the sets you need.

    If you have researched the required number of traits for certain craftable sets, craft them. My alternates wore crafted sets (made by my main) until they hit level 50. Stamina always ran Hundlings + NMG. Magic, Julianos + Seducer.

    Don't know what level you are, but if you are under CP 160, don't bother farming top level gear or monster sets. It will all be useless once you hit CP 160.

    If you are over CP 160, you can buy some really, really good sets from guilds. For instance, Briarheart or Spell Strategist.

    One tip I think is key, if you are under Level 50, and you are running a stamina character, get into Cyrodiil as early as possible. You will need to level up Assault for Caltrops and Vigor. Easiest done in the Kyne campaign.
  • tinythinker
    Also if you do need some gold there are some guides for that, too

    (but most importantly welcome back!)


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