Adding an ESO key to a Steam-linked account

Soul Shriven
Hello, sorry for the confusing title but I couldn't summarize my question in a few words.
I'll try to be short. I'm an eso steam player since 2016. I bought the base game (Tamriel Unlimited) on steam and then Morrowind and Summerset as soon as they got released, all on the steam store. Now I got the chance to buy Elsweyr on GMG for a discounted price but it's not a steam key. It's an eso key redeemable on the Bethesda site. I've already linked my Steam account on the Bethesda site. What would exactly happen if I buy and redeem an Elsweyr key on eso site? Would my steam version of the game be automatically be upgraded? Would my account, with all characters, progresses, and crowns still be there with just the newly added content? Also, how should I launch the game from that moment? From Steam or Bethesda launcher or maybe from the eso64.exe file I already have in the steam folder? That would be a much appreciated plus, because I'd be able to bypass the steam login issues we EU players often had in the past year.
Thanks for the infos.
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