Windowed (Full Screen) - Full Screen Button Disabled - Unable to Play in Full Screen

What is going on with the full screen issue on the Macs? There have been so many posts and threads about it but no response from ZOS?

Before mac users could use this option to enter full screen and then switch desktops (swiping with three fingers on the trackpad) in order to access another program such as discord. Similarly to how windows users could hit the windows key and tab.

This has not worked for months now. Mac users, including my self, only options now are to not play in full screen, or exit full screen every single time we want to change windows. Simply sending messages in discord makes the latter extremely irritating to the point it is not worth it at all to play in full screen.

Can we please have this issue addressed, fixed or at least acknowledged by ZOS that they are working on it? Playing ESO on my machine used to be seamless, but for months now it's been impossible to be fully immersed in the game.
  • Allythesons
    This is a very frustrating issue for those who have guilds, or otherwise need to use other windows simultaneously.
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  • Gaelord_the_2nd
    Ive been complaining about this since it appeared. i bitched about it here, I sent in tickets, I submitted bug reports... to no avail. Its like they pretend not to understand what i say.
  • Zicarius
    Any news on this? I would really appreciate if ZOS would address this and let us know whats going on. I would like to play in windowed full screen, be able to use the button (green icon on mac windows) to go to full screen, and switch desktops again.
  • Gaelord_the_2nd
    Any news?
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  • Zicarius
    I understand things take time to fix, but this has been happening for many months now. Can we please get a response and acknowledge that is it being worked on?
  • demerdecanswrath
    No fix after today's patch. The main window on macOS is absolutely horrible.

    Here's why I firmly suggest a .app rewrite:

    1. For renaming "" to "The Elder Scrolls"
    2. For proper native UI elements support. Window elements (title, buttons, window edges) are blurry on 2x+ (retina).
    3. For Dark mode support (it's just a header but it makes all the difference imo, everyone has implemented it, even on demand)
    4. For active "maximise" and "close" buttons. Can't stress enough how enjoyable this makes the game.
    5. For fixed/improved keyboard and mouse control. (Disappearing or stock macOS cursor, white square cursor on 1x displays, keyboard invokes macOS special character menu on long presses, game keyboard hints display squares when game launched with unsupported input language enabled)
    6. For adding some app metadata (like being recognised as a game for folder naming and discord highlighting)

    Hope this reaches some ears/whiteboards over there.

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  • smacx250
    From all this (as well as other recent issues) I get the feeling that they don't have (and haven't for some time) a full time macOS developer. This feels more like a "you touch it, you own it" kind of thing that no one wants to go near. Poor Alex just seems to be the latest to have to touch it (he's a graphics guy, not a Mac guy)...
  • Zicarius
    Ugg. At least some improvements with crashing but would really like to see this addressed. I cant imagine this is much to address.

    Yeah agreed doesn't seem like they have a macOS developer.
  • AngryGremlin
    Soul Shriven
    I played on the Mac for 45 min and no crashing. Unfortunately full screen mode does not play nicely with my PS4 controller (some buttons don't work). Though the PS4 controller works better in Windowed Fullscreen I just can't stand looking at the menu bar at the top.
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