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Unable to Mount in Combat

Hi, this is an issue that drives me nuts in Cyrodiil. I'm constantly unable to mount because I'm stuck in combat.

Being unable to mount in combat is a pve thing I assume, so people can't train dungeons or whatnot but shouldn't apply to cyrodiil or pvp. Please allow combat mounting.
  • Marcus684
    No I agree. There really is no reason to disallow mounting in combat. If your opponent tries to mount and run away, you can either attack him and dismount him, or mount up yourself and chase. If this bother people, make mounting slightly delayed, and interruptible, either with bashing or a skill that interrupts.

    That being said, please fix the stuck in combat bug, ZOS. This is a huge QOL issue.
  • idk
    There is no issue with not being able to mount in combat. It is the same for everyone so it is fair.

    The issue is the new and improved in-combat bug that lasts longer than it takes to walk between keeps, can persist through death and can occur even when there is nothing nearby that can put you into combat and your not in a group.
    Really, idk
  • Iskiab
    I don't think you can say a mechanic is fair solely because it effects everyone.

    My point is it's something that could be changed easily that would make Cyrodiil better.
  • DKsUnite
    I mean it's simple. If you mount in combat your horse has 0 stamina. That way if someone is trying to mount to run away during a fight, you will instantly knock them off their horse. If not, we get to mount when we should be able to....
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  • WuffyCerulei
    It’d be interesting to see a system with mounting during combat, but it’s just the way it is at the moment.

    I am really tired of not being able to mount because I won’t get the heck out of combat after not hitting anything for a millenia.
    I will kick everyone's butt, even my own.

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