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ESO White Christmas

White Christmas at the Old Mistveil Manor. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Merry Christmas
  • Zypheran
    This is one of the best layouts I've seen for Mistveil. Moving the fireplace on the ground floor really makes the layout fit better. The DarkElf couches look super. Very cosy, thanks for sharing. I love your videos btw ;)
    I'll play the game my way and you play it your way!
  • carly
    Wow...beautifully done house! May I ask, where are those fireplaces from? Did you make them yourself or are they new to the game?
  • Sotha_Sil
    Hey! very nicely done. I am not a fan of the azura's statue though.
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  • Charity164
    Soul Shriven
    Love the house. Thanks for sharing.
  • Hunterka71
    Marvelous :smiley: Really makes me wonder if it's not better to spend crowns on that snow and get inspiration from you than buy the new snowglobe house. Which is nice, don't get me wrong, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

    So OP could you possibly list what and how many those "snow patches" you have used? Thx
  • MornaBaine
    Sadly, all that snow will cost a FORTUNE in real life money. I would do this in a heartbeat otherwise because it's wonderful. Also, how many of the New Life deco packs did you have to use? That's another high cost item.
    Edited by MornaBaine on November 28, 2018 1:35PM
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  • Kiyakotari
    I think my favorite parts are the turkey and the box of tissues. XD
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    AD Kalathihre - Altmer Templar - Tank ǀ Mercenary ǀ Devotee of Two Moons Dance ǀ
    EP Adshäthir Ashayr - Redguard Templar - DD & Healer ǀ ǀ
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    EP Fanik-Azeez-Xal-Sahtee - Saxhleel Templar - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist ǀ Seer ǀ

  • mayasunrising
    This is soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas to you too! <3
  • agegarton
    Really awesome - very nice job :)
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  • TheYKcid
    Cosiest house I have ever seen! Great exterior work with the snow, almost looks like it came with the house.
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