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Guildmate of mine unable to access ESO support, need advice how to fix it

As the title reads, my guildmate just told me that he is unable to use the ESO support feature. He is on PS4 EU, the in game ticket submission system is giving error. When trying to use the website, he is being asked to provide a special access code send via email to log in to the support website. Every time he is trying he gets the same access code in his email, and the code doesn't work so he can't log in and raise a ticket for the same.

Any idea how to fix the issue? I am posting here since he doesn't have forum access, and is unable to contact ZOS either way.
  • coletas
    It is not a bug, just a feature XD seriously, after 1 hour to login, contact was imposible so I just left the game and i return every 15 days to check the bugs (and always stay there)
  • chaoseater99
    Damn, this really is bad if an active player is having an issue with the ticket system and cannot raise a request for fix since that system itself is broken
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