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Event causing skill lag?

Anyone else having more than usual bar swapping and skill firing lag ?

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  • idk
    It is likely server lag. I was on PC EU last night and the NPCs in a public dungeon were tweaking all over and kept resetting. Most I just walked past and they did not follow. Skills were firing odd as well.
    Really, idk
  • AgaTheGreat
    Yes, it's the same kind of lag like when your weapon gets out of charge. Had a huge impact on my vet cloudrest performance
  • Rokushakubo
    Had taken time away from ESO to sort my health out, coming on only to get daily rewards. Now things have stabilised I returned, bought another 6 months ESO plus and am pretty disappointed that I can't really play the game.

    In towns, players are elastic banding around, guild traders and crafting tables are unresponsive, bar swapping and skill firing is delayed and sometimes will backlog, only to fire of in sequentially 10-15 seconds later. I can't do public dungeons due to the above reasons. Literally all I can do right now is decorate my home and farm mats...that is if I'm not getting booted from the server. If this doesn't get addressed soon I'm going to move on from the game. I could have bought Spiderman or RDR2 with the money I paid for 6 months ESO+ but no, I have paid for a game as a service in which the service right now is *** ***. Really disappointed.
  • idk
    I have experienced server lag in instances during this event. Skills behave odd and NPCs behave odd as a result.
    Really, idk
  • Saturnana
    Did a few dungeons last night during which my skills were acting up the entire time.
    I also had a ping of 500+ on PC EU while I normally hover around 80-100.

    I've never had these kinds of issues before, not even during other events. :/ Though I don't really PvP so can't account for that part. Only time I ever get ping spikes (which is rare), they're just that - a spike of one or two seconds. This lasted the entire evening.

    Really hoping it was just because of it being the first Saturday evening of the event..
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  • chaz
    So Hello, I'm not a console person , I play PC. I have been doing a little forum scouring from pc to xbox to here ps4 and would like to ask the same question I sent to the xbox forums,
    Hi, PC player here. Sorry to intrude on your console camp however I would like to ask you guys and gals if there is a way you can test your connection like on pc using CMD window.

    I say this because, if you haven't checked it out yet, we , ((meaning pc users)) have found, tested and proved so many times that this internet transit company that zenimax is using, ""Akamai"" is and has been bottle necking our connections Since September, got worse in October, and now in November has made this game for many people, just plain unplayable.

    So I was just wondering if online consoles are also being bottle necked by akamai.

    Oh by the way, don't bother with tech support or dropping notes to @ZOS_JessicaFolsom because they will not answer, acknowledge, confirm or deny. Customer service is really really really bad here and things, these past few months are just getting worse.

    Yeah, so I um, don't mean to intrude in your console gaming camp, but if xbox, and ps4 internet connection is also peered to Akamai, then this is the issue.

    Thank you.
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    Hello, if you are reading this I truly and deeply apologize. As of November 11th, 2018 I have officially canceled my Eso plus subscription as I am unable to properly play this game. As of the last week of September through the 1st week of November, high end ping, lag, disconnects have been so atrocious it had made this game completely unplayable. You can find me in other Multiplayer MMO's if need be, however as for ESO, I have no choice in the matter but to discontinue. Thank you, with love, hugs and blessings.
  • Bhaal5
    Lag has been really bad since the release of eso.
    There wont be a fix anytime soon, sorry.

    (My fix was making a pc and going back to other mmo... Which has zero/very little lag issues even during events)
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