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How much Impen for no-CP BGs

Looking for opinions on no-CP BGs when using 7 tri-stat glyphs with purple food on a semi-hybrid build. Hence, extra resources all around would be nice but crit-resist is just too important to ignore.

Would it be better to go 5/2 impen/infused or a full 7 impen? Would the extra crit resist for the final two pieces make that big of a difference in terms of crit damage mitigation?

Looking to be tanky but resources are a luxury in no-CP as well.
Edited by Sleezly on October 7, 2018 5:54PM
  • Solariken
    It's hard to put a silver bullet number on it. I have multiple no-CP non-shield builds that I run 0 impen and it works alright, but I do it at the risk of occasionally exploding in an instant.

    Honestly the ideal would be 7 impen but as you said other needed stats are in rare supply in noCP.
  • Beardimus
    There are a few variables to the answer.

    Maths wise, In case you didn't know ~3300 Crit resist is 50% Crit mitigation, 50% being base Crit. Obviously there's no elfborn CP in BG bumping it but other things can, NB, trap, etc etc

    At 250ish impen an armour piece you hitting 1250 on 5 bits. So still getting Crit for about 30% damage
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  • Sleezly
    Thanks for the insight, folks. Maybe the happy medium here is 6 pieces of impen for a ~45% crit resist...

    With shields able to be crit against in the upcoming update, it would seem a lot more folks will run crit builds in no-CP so even sorcs will probably want to move away from divine/infused to impen.
  • Delimber
    I'm using the Impregnable Armor set with Bone Pirate. Gold quality Impregnable Armor gives 1206 Health, 1096 Stam and Magic, and 2500 Crit resist.

    It works for my stam Warden. And I do believe there is the equivalent of Bone Pirate for magic users coming in the next update.
    Solo PvP and PvE most of the time.
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  • tunepunk
    I'm using 0 impen gear. Mainly because i don't wanna bother chasing down and changing gear all the time depending on what I'm doing alright though. 1v1 or 1v2 i can usually handle but if everyone is targetting you doesn't matter how much impen you have.

    I find that using infused weapon on defensive bar with glyph of hardening works better than impen.
  • SugaComa
    4 impen, 1 infused, 2 Reinforced.

    Works for me most of the time

    And that's on. 5light, 1 med, 1heavy
  • ChunkyCat
    SugaComa wrote: »
    4 impen, 1 infused, 2 Reinforced.

    Works for me most of the time

    And that's on. 5light, 1 med, 1heavy

    What pieces do you put the reinforced on?

    Asking for a friend..
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  • ATomiX96
    impen is so overrated in noncp environment, rather go reinforced or infused on heavy armor or well fitted on medium is gonna mitigate way more than that impen piece (if reinforced then chest > legs > everything else)
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    Keep spending money on crown crates if you think its gonna make the gameplay better :^)
  • WrathOfInnos
    ChunkyCat wrote: »
    SugaComa wrote: »
    4 impen, 1 infused, 2 Reinforced.

    Works for me most of the time

    And that's on. 5light, 1 med, 1heavy

    What pieces do you put the reinforced on?

    Asking for a friend..

    You would want it on a heavy chest for sure, since it has the highest armor. After that, head, legs, shoulders and boots are all equivalent. If doing a second piece it should be one of these 4, and be the medium armor piece.
  • TheYKcid
    Reinforced on a gold-quality heavy chest is a mere 2772*0.16 = 443. That's a measly 0.67% mitigation. Impen on the other hand would provide a whopping 3.9% mitigation towards crits.

    Now these are just absolute values, not taking your existing resists/impen as a baseline for comparison (as these will vary from build to build), but you can realistically expect actual values of something like 1% vs. 3% respectively in practice. Which means impen is STILL providing more overall defence when your enemy has ~33% crit or lower higher, despite only applying to crits.

    But you also have to consider the practical value of crit resistance. An extra 1% general mitigation (from reinforced) against light attacks and spammables is inconsequential, because you wouldn't have died to these in either case. It's the big, lined-up crit bursts that kill you, and impen will save you ass from those. It's hard to quantify this value numerically, but impen is far, far better in practice.

    If your choice is strictly between impen & reinforced—even on a heavy chest—go with the impen. Resistances can be obtained much more cost-efficiently from heavy armor passive or the protective jewelry trait.

    EDIT: 33% crit or higher
    Edited by TheYKcid on November 2, 2018 6:07PM
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  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    As a Warden healer, I currently run 5 heavy, 1 medium, and 1 light. I run Bogdans / Seducers / and Transmutation. All of of my gear is impenetrable, and it's all gold (except Transmutation jewelry and Bogdans).

    Most competent healers in BG's will run Transmutation which gives you pretty nigh 100% 1200~1300 critical resists, making impregnable more of a solo queue armor. My team in BG's I run regularly with doesn't need impregnable because when you couple impregnable with transmutation's buff, you're way over the soft cap of like 3500 crit resists.

    Impregnable is a solid PvP armor type although!
    PC NA :: @Filthy_Rizz
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