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Dodge rolling backwards while holding the forward key

I noticed when you cast skill "Soothing Spores" and then roll dodge you end up roll dodging backwards most of the time. It appears like casting soothing spores roots you similar to what was fixed about crystal fragments in the patch notes. You wouldn't even have to fix this bug if you just add an option in the menu to change the default roll direction to forwards and not backwards. IF i was going to roll backwards I would turn around quickly and roll in that direction.

Crystal Fragments (morph):
Fixed an issue where using the instant-cast proc would cause you to stop blocking, and would prevent you from taking other actions for 0.2 seconds.
  • Mystrius_Archaion
    FYI, you actually need to be moving the direction you want to dodge-roll to actually dodge-roll that direction, not standing still which defaults to backwards, or double-tap the movement key(in options this can be disabled/enabled) to dodge-roll the direction tapped.
    Whether the skill briefly roots you or not is technically unrelated to how dodge-roll works.

    Also, it doesn't really matter which direction you dodge because it makes the skill miss so long as it was timed correctly. You don't actually need to "get out of the way".
    Dodge-rolling to avoid damage from a red cone/circle is pointless as it will still hit you unless you are out of it before the damage, which is easy enough to side-step a cone when closer to a boss, and you are better off just holding block briefly for a big circle of AoE as it will handle it fairly well and save you a lot of stamina and time and keep you from rolling into something else bad.
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