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Swift +5% speed +5% sprint speed

  • Derra
    Arciris wrote: »
    Derra wrote: »
    The proposal i personally liked best was:

    5% movespeed
    10% reduced effectiveness of snares

    This is a buff for PvP and a nerf for PvE.
    I don't think that it's what's on the Dev's mind.

    Not really if you consider that currently FM effectively renders people immune to snares in the first place.
    It´s a 50% nerf for that scenario - while being a buff for nonFM specs if they fight snares (which not all classes have access to).
    I live. I die. I live again.

    Derra - DC - Sorc - AvA 50
    Derrah - EP - Sorc - AvA 50

  • Datthaw
    Wise_Will wrote: »
    Once again, a good thing for casual questing/ PvE, is going to get ruined because a few people cant get kills in PVP. Good Job everyone! -.-

    Come kill this stamsorc in the resource tower..... I'll wait
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