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Taos Group Tools

Taos Group Tools is a user interface enhancement for The Elder Scrolls Online designed to give players access to informational ultimate / resources / group heal / damage / group buffs / buffood / purge / detonation data of group members and many more.

Current Version 1.1

Translation support needed

The addon supports different translations. At the moment "de" and "en". If you you want help me to translate in other languages like fr, ru or jp, tell me IG PC EU @Taonnor.

Download & planned Features

The addon you can find on ESOUI -> TaosGroupTools

For planned features you can see here -> LUX DEI Forum

Short Key-Features

- Group Ultimate Frames for sharing ultimate status between group members
- Customizable Group Frames in many variations and the ability to organize your group members in "Sub-Groups"
- Group Resources Integration into Group Ultimate Frames or the own customizable Group Frames
- Group Buff Integration into Group Ultimate Frames or the own customizable Group Frames
- Buffood Indicators in Group Frames
- Auto-Invite Feature, seamless integrated into ZOS Group-List
- Follow Group Leader Features (Icon above Leader; Leader Arrow; Customizable Compass)
- Group Detonation Sync, sync your detonations in group via cast bar
- Group Purge Tracker, purge your group if needed- Group Speedbuff Tracker, tool for your speedbuff bot
- Group Earthgore Tracker, see if your Earthgore is up or not

Detailed Features

Group Ultimate

All ultimates are grouped in "UltimateGroups", for example all negates are found in the "Negate" UltimateGroup. You can choose your "UltimateGroup" you want to share and can configurate in the Swimlane styles which "UltimateGroup" you want to see. See screenshots for further informations. The addon use the trick to share map pings via group members to share the informations, like other addons already did (f.e. Group DPS)

Group Leader

The addon provides a group leader functionality like Papa Crown and a light version of exterminatusGroupLeader. You can choose an icon you want and change the icon size. The Leader Arrow (exterminatusGroupLeader) is showing the direction to the leader and is configurable in several ways like color/min/max distance and so on.

Group Invite

The addon integrates a seamless automatic "Group Invite" feature in Group Frame. You can also start a group invite via slash command "/gi" like the good old "Group Invite". You can configure an AutoKick Timeout and set your wished group size. If the group size is reached, the addon will stop inviting. If the group size drops below the limit, the addon will invite again.

Group Stats

The addon shares the "damage done" and "healing done" from your group members. You can see the values in two simple lists, like the Group Ultimate Simple-List. You can activate both lists or choose only one list you want to see.

Group Resources

This is an extension of the Group Ultimate UI. You can see the live resources (Stamina and Magicka) of all group members (0-100%). You can activate or deactivate the Group Resources in options and change the color of the bars for better visibility.

Group Buffs

This is an extension of the Group Ultimate UI and Group Frames. If activated, you can get informations about procced sets or specific buffs in your group. Like Earthgore set proc or Spell Power Cure set buffs. You can choose which buff you want to see in 4 different Buff-Trackers.

Group Deto Sync

The Addon provides an own detonation castbar, shared with all members in group. With this you can time your detonations inside the group.

Group Speedbuff Tracker

The Addon provides a speedbuff tracker, which shows the group members with speedbuff (defensive morph).

Group Earthgore Tracker

The Addon provides an earthgore tracker, which shows the group members with earthgore proc on cooldown.

Group Purge Tracker

The Addon provivedes a "Should Purge" Tracker, where you can see if peoples should purged. This PurgeTracker is optimized for PvP.

Raid HUD

The addon provides a fully integrated Raid HUD (2-24 players) of Group Ultimate / Resources / Buffs and Buffood. You can customize the HUD and organize your group members in "Sub-Groups".

Version 1.1 Variations
Standard Style


Small Style


Tiny Style


Tiny Style + Show Ultimate instead Healthbar



Slash commands

/tgt - Gets all available commands
/tgtlogs - Open or closes debug log window
/tgtsor <SOUND> - Sets SOUND on Ready value, see
/tgtsot <SOUND> - Sets SOUND on Thrown value, see
/gi <INVITESTRING> - Sets invite string.
/regroup - Starts regroup.

Bug Reports: How you can help me?

You can help me with good bug reports. Only reproducable bugs will help. All other bugs needs high effort to find the reason.

Best pattern for me:

1. Steps to reproduce (In simple way like 1, 2, 3)
2. Expected behavior (How do you expect the addon should work)
3. Current behavior (How the addon currently work/Detailed bug description)
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Addons & Guides

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Addons: Taos AP Session, Taos Group Tools

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