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[PC - EU] Two guys looking for a Guild

Soul Shriven
Hello there,

I'm @iggy1eco in game, and me and a friend are over 20 years old and looking for a casual guild willing to take us in. We are new players from last free weekend and have characters over
lvl 26. My main is a Khajiit NB (Corvinus Maximus) and his an Orc Sorc (PhantomLordZA). (we both have other less prioritized chars)

Both been saving some stuff to sell and of course will continue to sell so we can meet our wants and goals and hopefully the guilds'.

Casual is the key word here. We're a team and while we do log in multiple days a week, fun and relax is our priority. We want to log in and not HAVE to log in.
No gold requirements are preferable considering we're new and willing to learn the lay of the land.
We have played other MMO's before and play other games too.

Thank you!
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