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[PvE, PvP (AD), Social, New Player Friendly] The Dominion Constellation


The Dominion Constellation is a guild formed back in May this year by a couple of players who have been playing since Beta.
We've successfully grown a guild with a member base on over 300 where around 250 + are very active.

Our goal was to have a friendly guild where we avoid elitism and try to help everyone the best we can, but also have a full event schedule for everyone to participate if they wanted to.
So that is what we made happen!

At the moment we are running trials once a week (on normal, we are working together as a group to get ready for veteran), weekly Skyshard and Worldboss hunts, weekly AD PvP events and a social event a lot of people seem to enjoy called "Drunken Friday".

Drunken Friday is just a time for people to hop on voice chat on Discord with a drink in hand and we do random content - some nights are more hectic than others, other nights can be calm and we just chit chat. However! We also plan bigger Drunken Fridays where we i.e do "Boss shots", these are more like once a month or every other month event (to save our livers).

All these events have their own event coordinator who are top officers and we have moderators as low tier officers.
The guild itself is run by "The Consul" which consist of 4 people, we don't have one set leader, the Consul works together.

Also to mention, we do have a very active Discord server where you can keep an eye on all events with details as they come up + a social text chat which is active pretty much 24/7 - babble away!

We recruit anyone who wants to join, faction is not only AD, any faction members can join (we run PvP events AD only).
One thing to bear in mind, might be that we are a mature guild that also participate in the occasional drinking games and it would be a plus if you have a broad sense of humour :smile:

If this sounds like the guild for you, please let me know your @ name and I shall add you!

Just to mention as well, we also have a video of our awesome Guild Hall: Dominion Constellation Guild Hall Video

Edited by Kathulhuu on January 28, 2019 8:53AM
  • Peebuzzle
    This guild sounds really fun! I enjoy both PvE and PvP (I fight for the Queen obviously) and I don't turn down social events! I play with 10 characters now so WB/skyshard hunts would be less dull if I had someone else with me. :smile: You can add me @Peebuzzle in game.
  • Kathulhuu
    You're added. Make sure to join our Discord server too and we'll give you all our guild secrets hehe :smile:
  • Neyane
    Sounds like a nice guild! Would love an invite.. @courtney502.k
    The most important thing in life is enjoying yourself.

    Magplar, Stamplar, Magsorc ~ Stormproof ♡

    DC For Life
  • Dorreah
    This sounds really cool! Especialy discord community to chat with. Also looking for soneone to start some RP things. May I join? @Dorreah in game.
  • Kevericks
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like my scene seen that I'm drunk every Friday! Any chance of an invite?
  • Kevericks
    Soul Shriven
    @Kevericks in game
  • Kathulhuu
    All have been invited :smile:

    @Kevericks good stuff! We have a "big drunken Friday" this coming Friday actually.
    Planning on going to Imperial City with AD characters and we take shots for every boss killed... if you get killed by a player, you take 2 shots!

    Was successful last time, hehe.
  • mrCavior
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like a guild i would like to join :)
  • xBlueDragon
    Soul Shriven
    Can you throw me an invite? @BlueDaedricDragon
  • Kathulhuu
    Both of you have been invited now :smile:
    Sorry for the delay btw, I got a new PC finally and forgot to log in to the forums.
  • prowmancub18_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Returning player would love to join if you still have some slots open :)

    ID: Azkeeel
  • Kathulhuu
    @prowmancub18_ESO you're added :smile:
  • Lizell
    Soul Shriven
    Just starting to get into pvp on my AD char. Could you send me an invite? :) @Lizell
  • PaulLoSexo
    Soul Shriven
    would love to join as well @PaulZeBomb
  • Kathulhuu
    Both have got invites :smile: Welcome! Btw for pvp, we have events every Sunday, I'll see if I can make it as well this Sunday (I am traveling so not totally sure). It's really fun!
  • SuperMoose93
    Soul Shriven
    this guild actually sounds like fun. does it matter if i am not AD, im an orc?
  • Kathulhuu
    this guild actually sounds like fun. does it matter if i am not AD, im an orc?

    No, we only care about factions if we do guild pvp events.
    Everyone welcome in general :smiley:
  • alvintheelf
    Soul Shriven

    I've been playing in NA for more than a month, but I discovered that my latency is MUCH better in EU, so I'll be moving here. Your guild sounds like a great place to be in. Would it be possible for me to get an invite?

    In-game, I am @alvintheelf and my main is Bosmer Nightblade. :smile:
  • Soulzc
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like fun, I've been looking for a guild to participate in PVP and other events with for quite some time.

    IGN is: @Soulzc

    Would love an invite if you still have room. Thanks!
  • Malekin_66
    Soul Shriven
    I am very new, level 10 and struggling to get used to the game all by myself. If you are prepared to take me in and guide me I feel I would become an asset.
    @pkyle99 ingame
  • rwebbo25
    Hey can I get an invite please, @rwebbo_25 thanks!
  • Kathulhuu
    You've all been added! Welcome to our guild and I hope you like it there. We're generally very approachable, even really late at night (we have a few night owls).

    @alvintheelf we couldn't find your account. Can you double check? :smile:
  • NineDaemons
    Soul Shriven
    Swing me an invite please! you guys sound fun.
  • LadyBriala
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like a lovely guild, would love an invite!

  • danielclarkb16_ESO
    Could I get an invite please? @Danny_Clark94
  • Kathulhuu
    Everyone has been invited and still room for more. All welcome! :smiley:
  • YnnosBymmos
    Soul Shriven
    Hello :D
    The guild sounds like a fun and casual place to chill in the game. I am new to ESO, and would like to play aside some experienced players.

  • Oriacx
    Soul Shriven
    Could I get an invite I'm a returning player to eso. @Oriacx
  • Danziir
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, I'm mostly a PvP player, fighting on Sotha Sil, but I also enjoy doing PvE content from time to time.
    I'd love to join the guild, if you're still recruiting!

  • Kathulhuu
    Everyone should be in now and we are still recruiting :smile:
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