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[The Fair Warriors - PC|EU] NEW! PvP +PvE Social|Community recruiting!

Hi everyone,

The Fair Warriors is a currently growing guild looking for more active players to join us. We already have a bank and we're able to trade.We can provide free vampire and werewolf bites for any guild member that may want.We also have experienced crafters and warriors willing to help others become better in ESO by giving advises, providing gear pieces etc.

As for events our guild has, so far, one weekly event chosen by it's members.Once we have enough active members we'll be able to make a schedule of weekly events both PvP and PvE themed.

What are we looking for?
We want to build a training ground where everyone can gather to together tackle all content the game throws at us, be it PvP or PvE. We are looking for everyone willing to help us build and preserve this training ground.

You can either contact me in-game (@Dracopelta), leave your name here, or go to our discord server ( ) to get more information.

Thank you for reading, and i hope you have a great day :)
Edited by Dracopelta on June 17, 2018 12:00PM
  • Peasantborn
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, I'm a newish player (232cp) looking to get into dungeons etc, I'm a noob atm but hope to get better; this guild sounds promising so could I get an invite? Thanks~ @Peasantborn
  • Dracopelta
    invite sent :)
    and don't forget to join us on discord too ;)
    Edited by Dracopelta on June 28, 2018 8:19AM
  • ICEGE0
    Soul Shriven
    Ill join if you'll have me, username ICE-GE0
    not sure what my cp is but im level 19
  • Peasantborn
    Soul Shriven
    @ICE-GE0 Invite sent, remember to join us on discord! ^_^
  • Veckler
    Soul Shriven
    Dracopelta left a comment under mine, on another post, and I would like to take the chance to join. I couldn't get my friends to play this game, and it's kinda "lonely" sometimes.

    I think it's important to know that I like to play really casually (I quit WoW after a really short time of playing, because it was so end-content focused, and almost competitive). I don't really care about the top builds and stuff, I like to experiment with them (I love how you can mix your characters setup in ESO), and leave the cool, boring stuff to enjoy the dumb, fun stuff (no trolling tho, that's not for me).

    Also I level like 4 characters at the same time, because that's what I do when a good MMO is new to me, I can't wait to discover everything. But AFAIK guild membership is bind to account, not character, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    So all in all, I would like to join (if laid back players are welcome... :) )

    EDIT: My username is @Veckler
    Edited by Veckler on June 28, 2018 8:15PM
  • Peasantborn
    Soul Shriven
    @Veckler, Hey, you've been invited to the guild! Please remember to join our discord :smile:
  • Veckler
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you @Peasantborn! I will be offline for like 2 days, but I will join when I’m back.
  • Guna325
    Soul Shriven
    Hi :) I would like to join.
    would like to run Halls of Fabrication to hopefully get the skin some day

  • Dracopelta
    Well we're still trying to get better(so we'll get there too), we have 2 events for this week. You'll be contacted to see more details soon :)
    and don't forget to visit us on discord too, most details are there
    Edited by Dracopelta on July 4, 2018 1:18PM
  • AH93

    I'm a returning player to PC looking to join, going to start a new char but I have around 300cp, only done a few veteran dungeons but looking for a nice bunch to do regular dungeons, pvp then eventually some vet content, although I don't have a lot of time to play anymore :)

    Currently downloading the game again


    Kind regards.

  • Dracopelta
    I'll invite you in-game, don't forget to join us on discord too (sorry for delay) :)
  • ally3169
    Soul Shriven
    Hi :) I would like to join.
    would like to run Halls of Fabrication

  • Dracopelta
    Quick Update:
    Thanks to our members we'll have three events this week (and try to keep at it until we can do more :) )
    Still looking for more people willing to join us and play the game in a friendly team! ;)
  • kernowman
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I would like to join, lvl 305 still got lots to learn, guild sounds what I am looking for :)
  • dreamtime_souljah
    Soul Shriven
    any chance of an invite? my GT id dreamtime souljah
  • Dracopelta
    Invite sent to kernowman, it says "account not found" for you @dreamtime_souljah so i need either a character or you can join discord to tell me what i'm typing wrong :)
    Both of you don't forget to join our discord server anyway :)
    Edited by Dracopelta on September 17, 2018 8:00AM
  • Dracopelta
    Quick Update:

    We started lottery event and we'll try our best to keep at it! More info in our discord server
    Everyone still welcome to join us! :)
  • Kevericks
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, came over from NA server and need to start from scratch. Left as Redguard stamina warden CP 417 and have quite a bit of solo experience although very little group dungeon exp. Any chance of an invite?


  • Dracopelta
    ofc, sorry for late response i'll invite you asap :) don't forget to join us on discord too ;)
    Edited by Dracopelta on September 27, 2018 7:52AM
  • liquidcat
    Soul Shriven
    @liquidcat newbie tank looking for a chatty, advice giving guild. Can I have an invite
  • Dracopelta
    Invite sent, so welcome to our team :) and ofc don't forget to join our discord
  • YoTsi
    Hello, are you still recruiting?

    Cowards die many times before their actual deaths.
    ~ Julius Caesar
  • Dracopelta
    yes we are :) feel free to type your game id or join our discord for a game invite
    Edited by Dracopelta on October 5, 2018 2:34PM
  • Noomizis
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to get an invite to you guild. My in game id is @Noomizis
    Edited by Noomizis on October 9, 2018 9:11PM
  • CaelanBlue
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I've been playing a while, mostly solo questing, but now looking for a friendly casual guild to develop my experience and learn PVP, dungeons, trials etc. If you're still recruiting please could I get an invite? @CaelanBlue on PCEU Thanks
  • Dracopelta
    sure i'll send an invite asap :)
  • Dracopelta
    quick update/small reference on a recent group achievement in our team :)
  • steelsalot
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested in joining ur guild my in game name is steelsalot
  • Dracopelta
    well sorry for late response we'll send invite asap ;)
  • Yuffie91
    Looks interesting! However I am not too fond of discord. Is this an issue?
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