How many Add-Ons do you use?

  • Swampster
    Swampster wrote: »
    Zabalah wrote: »
    t tip... I've looked for an .ini file in my Docs folder but have not been able to find it... only file close to a .ini is addon settings and user settings and both are txt files.

    I'll post up the proper filename when I get home

    @Zabalah the file is indeed the UserSettings.txt

    Either add the option, or change the one currently in there:
    SET LuaMemoryLimitMB "128"
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  • timidobserver
    I am using around 30, but realistically only 20 or so are active any any given time. I only run 2 or 3 while pvping. Harvestmap is absolutely horrid for performance, so I keep it off unless I need it.

    The only one that I couldn't live without is Wykkid outfitter. I can effectively swap between healing, tanking, and dps all in a few button presses. This allows me to heal the first two bosses of AA and then swap to DPS on the fly to dps the third boss since it only needs 1 healer and then back to heals for the last.
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  • lordrichter
    Lucifer66 wrote: »
    The UI in this game is well, there really isn't much of one. There is no mini-map, the quest tracker is lame, I have no idea how many HP,MP, or Stamina, I have or what my enemy has in battle. I'm flying blind in this game without addons.

    I feel I shouldn't have to use most of them. I mean who makes a premium game with no decent HP/MP/Stamina readout, mini-map, decent quest tracker, or exp bar?

    Actually, I prefer a user interface that is lacking, where addons fill in the missing parts, versus a user interface that is not lacking, where addons are making changes to the stock user interface.

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  • MercyKilling
    Zip, zilch nada.
    I am not spending a single penny on the game until changes are made to the game that I want to see.
    1) Remove having to be in a guild to sell items to other players at a kiosk.
    2) Cosmetic modding for armor and clothing.
    3) Difficulty slider.
    4) Fully customizable player housing that isn't tied to anything in the game other than having the correct resources and enough gold to build. Don't tie it to PvP, guild membership, or anything at all. Oh, make it instanced so as not to take up world map space, too. Zeni screwed this one up already.
    Any /one/ of these things implemented would get me spending again, maybe even subbing.
  • Kalann_Pander
    No addons.
    Using a spreadsheet to track my researching, and a few web pages to double-check Skyshards et al.

    I dislike numerical indicators, they tend to break my immersion.
    People have been killing each other for millennia. And they didn't need little numbers popping out in thin air to become very good at it, no reason why I shouldn't follow suit >:)
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    3 things to reduce stamina/magicka imbalance :
    - Use magicka to block abilities costing magicka, instead of stamina.
    - Add % damage reduction to heavy armor.
    - Add block penetration to 2H.
  • OrangeTheCat
    I used to use 16. I am down to about 10 now because the others are no longer maintained by the people who made them and the latest patch broke them. I just use add-ons to provide more of the UI I think we should have been given from the start.
  • Maleficus
    A few...

    Inventory Item Borders
    Equipment Level
    Dialog Tweaks
    Lost Treasure
    Guild Store Search Extended
    Bank Manager
    Wykkyd's Framework
    Research Assistant
    Wykkyd's Framework
    Wykkyd's Outfitter
    Wykkyd's Group Tools
    Wykkyd's Full Immersion
    Wykkyd's Quest Tracker
    Wykkyd's Mailbox
    Wykkyd's War Tools
    Inventory Grid View
    Advanced Filters
    AI Research Grid
    RMM - Radar Mini Map
    Vicster's InventoryInsight
    Fully Customizable MultiQuests Tracker
    WarLegend Group Frame
    Combat Log Statistics
  • IronMercer
    I am running an ridiculous number of 80 addons. There are a handful of core must haves and I find it crazy that we're years into ESO and still don't have some things that should be basic UI options (such as the minimap). Other key things like better UI filters for items/inventory (bag, bank, and market). Better all around number/stat info, etc. It's not that difficult to add the details for those who want to seem them or toggle to basic stats for beginners. Any improvements so helpful, such as those I've mentioned, and have already been created by players, shouldn't still be such an issue 4+ years into the game. I find that without some of these basic addons, I don't even want to play after big patches and releases just because the game feels so clunky without these features/addons. It takes days/weeks often to see addons get updated/patched, if those who created them are even still supporting their work. ZOS should use insights into what addons are being used the most and use that as clear indicators that they should turn those into core UI features.
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  • SilverWF
    ZOS didn't need to add necromancer class, since there is a plenty of already...
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  • Xerge
    76 addons currently in use. Game is largely unplayable for me until a week after patch day. I don't mind as there's plenty of games to catch up on that I don't make progress on a regular basis anyway.

    everything from small quality of life additions to game changing make overs.

    Shout out to PointsofColor for redoing all of the default map icons and giving them some life; PerfectPixel for finally making use of of screen real estate; and Pet Dismiss for finally giving me a keybind to dismiss my bear on command.


  • fgoron2000
    ✭✭✭✭ many are there?
  • Xerge
    fgoron2000 wrote: » many are there?

    There are many, many addons. Some as simple as adding keybinds like dismissing pet and leaving your group, which the game should already have. Other addons add entirely new GUI elements, some change the game entirely like the Emacs addon allows you to use modifiers in your keybinds like shift, alt, and ctrl. Not sure why it's restricted to begin with.


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