How many Add-Ons do you use?

  • onlinegamer1
    I use 37 add-ons.

    Would be 0 if this stuff was coded in-game like it should have been.
    AD: v14 NB (Stam)(50 Wood) :: v14 Sorc (Mag)(50 Cloth) :: v14 Templar (Mag)(50 Ench) :: v14 DK (Mag)(50 Smith)
    DC: v14 NB (Mag)(50 Alch+Provision) :: v10 Sorc (Stam) :: v6 Templar (Mag) :: v7 DK (Stam)
  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    I enjoy the game not looking at lots of bits of writing around the screen.

    So did I, until I hit VR levels and was unable to progress. Then I used Foundry Tactical Combat to learn how strong my various encounters actually were, now much damage I actually did with my attacks, what to use for different enemies and what abilities to pick for my bars. This improved my skill enough to get through VR content without cursing and raging at every corner and relying on help from random strangers for every fight. I still die a lot with my NB because I choose to stay away from the "stick and dress" build, but at least I can get through the solo content on my own, mostly using a bow, making at least some use of stealth.

    So, I use one add-on. That's it, but that one really helps a lot.

    I could probably turn most of the numbers off now, but they don't bother me, and they make it a lot more clear when I am using the wrong strategy for a fight.
  • BBSooner
    I use 0.
  • Surliman
    Just one. TotalExploration. A fog of war has been a part of every Elder Scrolls game, I have no idea why they decided not to include one for this game. Helps a lot in exploring the map without covering the same ground again and again.
  • KhajitFurTrader
    None at all. I like the minimalist UI approach very much, it's such a relief form other MMO UIs I know and have to use.

    While I find that there are certainly some areas of the ESO UI that would benefit from an improvement pass, I'd rather rely on ZOS doing their homework, and not on some third party code, which could break, or be abandoned anytime.

    Plus, I hate how in other MMOs users have become being forced to use and depend upon the use of certain addons (DBM, 'nuff said), mostly by peer pressure. I do not want to see a similar development in ESO under any circumstances.
  • Xeres14
    I don't know the number but more than I thought I would. Maybe about 15 or so. My fav being Research Assistant. Big props to that author.
  • ers101284b14_ESO
    I use 5 but really only feel the need for 1.

    Minimap- Necessary cause I likes mini maps

    Show weapons while mounted-Not needed but like to have it

    Spam filter- now that the gold sellers are gone don't really need it but use it anyway

    Zam Stats- Shows my Time FPS and bag space- don't need it but use it anyway

    Undiscovered- Again don't need it but use it anyway.

    I like the minimal UI
  • DenverRalphy
    I wouldn't presume to place any kind of stigma upon addons as being for the lazy, that anybody is forced to use them, or that players ever actually rely upon them. They're simply there for convenience. If an addon breaks after an update because it was abandoned, it's not like the players that used them will suddenly find the game unplayable, nor will they suffer any inability to continue to perform every bit as well without them. Besides, I've yet to see an abandoned addon that doesn't get picked up or replicated by another modder.

    Sure the game is playable without them. But neither those who use them, nor those who don't, have any advantage or talent over the other.

    Even ZOS themselves promote the use of addons, given that the addon API was a feature they intentionally built into the game to do exactly what it does.
  • Specko
    Soul Shriven
    ~10 and a couple I wrote.
  • JessieColt
    I have the following add-ons:

    AI Research Grid - On the fly checking of what alts have learned what traits and motiff's.

    Alchemist - Helped me to learn the last few that I needed. Currently disabled.

    Clock - an in game clock. Currently disabled.

    Foundry Tactical Combat. Nice to see my dmg and healing output. Specifically for healing, it helps to show the tick's so I can see when it stops ticking off the hot's.

    Guild Store Search - easier to search for what I am looking for across all 5 of my guilds.

    Harvest Map - I am a farmer. It is nice to have visual icons on the map showing me where I have found nodes in the past so that I can check them when I am in the area looking for materials.

    Lore Books - Let's me know if I am in an area that has a book, so I can watch for it as I am exploring.

    Lost Treasure - Since I am a farmer, this helps me to pin-point the location of treasures when I loot the maps from pickpocketing chests. Although it is still new and some of the icons are not in the true location, they are, for the most part, close enough to be helpful.

    PL Research Timers - At the click of a keybind, I can see what I am currently researching on which alts, along with how much time is left on each one.

    Research Assistant - At a glance of my bags inventory, I can quickly see which looted items have traits that I have not yet learned so that I can ensure that I do not sell or deconstruct those items.

    SkyShards - I am a stealthy killer, not a detective. Show me the skyshards so I can remember to get them while I am in the immediate area. :)

    Softcap info - To ensure that I am spending skill points in a balanced manner and not overloading one skill.

    Sous Chef - So I can see what food stuffs I have looted that can be used in cooking.

    Wykkd's Framework - Lots of goodies in this one. Most importantly for me, is the bar across the top of the screen that shows me my character level, points to next rank, real life clock, countdown timers to the next available research slot, Bag space, and Soul Gem counts (empty/used). Each option can be enabled or disabled as needed.

    ZrMiniMap - I hate having to stop and open the map in the middle of a city or zone just to see which direction I need to run to get to the bank, or to wherever.

    In total, I have 15 add-ons, of which 2 are disabled and 13 currently active.

    Of all the ones I use, the mini map is the most used since it is always open on the UI. I would actually like to see Zenimax include one in the native UI, that can be turned on or off, depending upon the individuals choice.

    Guild Store Search is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time buying and selling in their guilds. This should also have native integration and I personally believe that not having this ability is a major oversight on Zenimax's part.

    The other 11 I use are convenience items, and while I would like to see Zenimax incorporate some of their usefulness into the native UI, they are not ones that are "required" for me to get around and play the game. So I am perfectly happy with getting that information from an add-on as opposed to native integration into the UI.

    I would, however, love to see Zenimax incorporate Sous Chef into the native UI. With a listing of ALL recipes that an item can be used in, with indications for which ones you have learned, and which ones you haven't. It would make it far easier for me to see what I should save and stack for other Provisioners in my guild, even if I do not personally need/use that item. It would make it easier for me to know if the food stuff I looted is used in blue/purple recipes so I can put those in the guild bank.

  • sylviermoone
    Sigh. Again with the "using add-ons is cheating" nonsense.

    I can't say how many add-ons I'm running right now, something like 30-35? Many are silly Iittle things, like Stow It, which auto sheathes my weapons when I am no longer in combat, or Tamriel Time, which tells me the date and time in the game. How on earth that could be considered cheating is beyond me.

    Some of them vastly improve my playing experience. I do inventory control for a living; playing ESO: Inventory Management and spending half my time shuffling inventory from char to char during a session is not appealing to me. I use advanced autoloot (for the auto mail filters) and Wykkd's Mail Return (to automatically mail things back to my husband when he has designated it "return"). With these two add-ons, we actually play the game for 3 hours, instead of playing for one, and spending two messing with our inventories. I fail to see how this is " cheating".

    I use 3 add-ons in conjunction with crafting: Research Assistant and crafting research timers to tell me what pieces across my account I can research, and to tell me when my research is done. I also use save items, so I don't accident my destroy something I want to research. These will serve no purpose once I've finished researching all the traits for the crafts I'm doing, but since I'm at the point where all of my researches are 15+ days and I'm having to buy things to research, they are of incredible help at the moment.

    I use FTC for the health/Stam/magicka bars, I use CLS for tracking how much damage/heals I'm doing. They aren't necessary to me, but it sure is nice when I can see that an ability is broken and thus report it in game for the devs to look at. Since there is nothing like that built into the UI, how would anyone ever know that an ability isn't working as it should without them?

    Of all of the add-ons I use, only a couple are truly necessary for me: advanced filters, because the stock inventory filters are junk, Shopkeeper, so I can easily see in one place what I have sold, from which guild store it has sold, and what other people are selling and for how much, Lootdrop, so I can see what the heck I'm picking up when I use the included autoloot feature (though with the worthless junk now in the loot table, I've moved to turning off that particular feature), and the aforementioned Mail Return/advanced autoloot combo. These greatly enhance the time I spend playing the game by making sure I can get out there and actually play the game.

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  • seaef
    Foundry Tactical Combat
    Inventory Item Borders
    Item Saver
    Research Assistant
    Sous Chef
    Weapon Charge Alert
    Wykkyd's Framework

    Most I could do without, but I think Foundry and Wykkyd's are essential.
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  • DenverRalphy
    JessieColt wrote: »
    Clock - an in game clock. Currently disabled.

    I once considered looking for a similar addon. I don't know how many hours I'd played (couple of months worth probably), before I finally noticed the game clock when bringing up the Map. I was a bit embarrassed that I'd never noticed it before. =/
  • Chuggernaut
  • pitdemon_ESO
    ROOMBA - Best addon ever, it organizes the guild bank and autostacks accordingly.
    FTC - I modded it a bit to get the healthbars longer and skinnier, then put the target one on top of my own so I don't have to stare at them to know who's winning a fight. I also disabled the silly scrolling text and added or changed most of the notifications.
    Azurah- to move the X,F, and E warning messages to where they wouldn't interfere with targetting/fighting
    Wykkyd - I like the toolbar, tatters warnings, and a few other things. Also the outfitter to swap bars from PvP to Questing
    SkyShards/Lorebooks - Because I like to read. And have skill points :D
    Greymind Quick Slot Bar - Very necessary for pvp, since I'm constantly juggling siege equipment and potions
    Srendarr- Scaled down a bit to keep track of buffs and DoTs

    I've tried about 30+ but these are the ones I most depend on.

    Also, I'd like to know why they disabled basic functionality in the API like the ability to know that YOU ARE ON FIRE. You would think that the fact that YOU ARE ON FIRE would be fairly noticeable and that the game would want you to know. But nope. Not only is there no YOU ARE ON FIRE!! debuff, but there isn't even a graphic to let you know that YOU ARE ON FIRE!.
    Think about that.
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  • SFBryan18
    Funny how some people say they like minimalist UI so they don't use add-ons. The reason I have half of my add-ons is to make the UI more minimal than the default, and also to squeeze together what I do keep.

    Azurah is a must have add-on if you want to pack the UI together on the outsides of the screen instead of having it bloated. I also enjoy the location add-one simply because it drives me crazy thinking I might miss something.
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  • Siliconhobbit_ESO
    I use 45 Addons...

    le sigh...
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  • Enodoc
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    Surliman wrote: »
    Just one. TotalExploration. A fog of war has been a part of every Elder Scrolls game, I have no idea why they decided not to include one for this game. Helps a lot in exploring the map without covering the same ground again and again.
    @Surliman‌ where is that one from? I don't think I've seen that on ESOUI.

    I had none until last week, and now I'm trying a load out to see if I like them. The number I use now is 17, but that's slowly decreasing again as I cross them off my list and decide I don't need them. However, there are a few that I will likely keep:
    For their utility:
    The "Essentials"; not that I couldn't do without them (as I have managed just fine for four months), but greatly improve the gameplay experience.
    • Advanced Filters: Very useful. Hopefully ZOS will implement something like this themselves in the not-too-distant future.
    • Cyrodiil Alert: A bunch of useful popups that tell you when things happen in Cyrodiil.
    • Easy Quick Slots: Doesn't have a UI like Greymind's Quickslot Bar, and therefore can't look out-of-place like that one does. Something else that I hope ZOS will implement some time.

    For their look:
    • Tamriel Standard Time: Good estimate of game-world time. Hopefully ZOS will implement something for the API that can read the actual game time at some point, or just implement a game-time clock directly themselves.
    • Harven's Quest Journal: Records all quest journal history.

    Other useful ones:
    Not as essential as those above, but still useful for what they do:
    • Harven's Bag Space: Inventory counter that appears in the loot window.
    • Harven's Provisioning Tooltips: I think this works a bit like SousChef.
    • Harven's Stabled Mounts: Lists all stabled mounts in the Stats window as well as Active Mount.
    • Harven's Stack Split Slider: Adds a slider to the split window. Something I hope ZOS will implement at some point.
    • HarvestMap: Shows locations of found gathering points. I like how it only shows those you've already found; seems like less of a cheat to me.
    • Spent Skill Points: At-a-glance look at where all your skill points have gone.
    Still testing:
    • APB - All Public Bosses: Shows the location of bosses in Public Dungeons.
    • Harven's Horse Feed Confirmation: Confirmation popup when you click on a horse food.
    • Inventory Item Borders: Coloured item borders based on quality.
    • Softcap Info: Current stats as a proportion of their softcaps.
    • SwapS: Saveable gear loadouts.

    #17 is UESPlog, a data-logger for UESP.
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  • Azzuria

    Research Assistant, which will probably go away soon as I'll have all the research done within a few months on -all- tradeskills that require it.

    Skyshard and Lorebook add-ons because hunting for stuff just annoys.

    Might try one to manage hotbar load-outs because ... uh ... reasons.
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  • Pallmor
    I use three:

    Research Assistant
    Slightly Improved Experience Bar
  • AlexDougherty
    I use none, I have never used an addon.
    But I'm not saying I never will.
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  • Nebthet78
    Zip, 0, Zilch, Nadda, None....
    - Merrydia.......................- AD NB Vamp - Tank - CP930
    - Merrick Valnos-Krytt......- DC Sorc Vamp - DPS - CP930
    - Dyvvia Lucien Laxcroi....- DC HybridTemp Were - DPS - CP930
    - Eidden Du'Urdden..........- EP DK Were Tank- CP930
    - Jzargo Torga ...............- AD Stamplar - DPS - CP930
    - Rayden Valnos-Krytt......- AD NB - DPS - CP930
    - Hector Von Longbottom- AD Nord Templar - HEALER - CP930
    - Karla Gro-Bushgrol........- AD PoisonKnight - DPS - CP930
    - Nebhet-Fang-Ranger .....- EP DragonKnight - DPS - CP930
    - Radu Stormwind ...........- DC StamSorc - DPS - CP930
    - Perrygrin of Camlorn.....- AD MagSorc - DPS - CP930
    - Steals-Your-Mate.......... - EP Argonian NB - DPS - CP930
    - AD StamWarden - CP930
    - AD MagWarden - L0
  • Gillysan
    Hovers around 30. Changes as needs change and as addons come & go.
  • Nhines
    If I was playing an ES game, I would probably have very few, but this is an ES "inspired" MMO, so I want more info.
    • Advanced Filters - saves time
    • Chat Alert - useful for tells when I'm not paying attention, or for zone chat sales on items I want
    • Dustman - gets rid of worthless crap, marks white items as junk to sell quickly
    • FTC - dmg/heal info, plus I like the health/mag/stam bar better
    • Greymind Quckslot Bar - because I'm not playing on a console
    • Harven's Extended Stats - doesn't do much, not the creator's fault, it's the API's
    • Lootdrop, Continued (All in One) - autoloot win plus xp
    • LoreBooks - just for maxing mage's guild
    • Quick Enchanter - because the current enchanting UI appears to have been designed by a 3rd grader, helps a little
    • Research Assistant - it's either this or paper/text file to track stuff, awesome mod
    • Skyshards - obvious
    • SoftcapInfo - obvious, would love hardcap info but idk if that even available via the API
    • Sous Chef - ingredient/recipe tracking, super handy
    • SpamFilter - for back when there was a gold spammer every couple secs
    • Undiscovered - for when I want to make sure I hit everything
    • Wykkyd's Framework - toolbar with time, xp, and research tracking. Keep chat from fading
    • Wykkyd's Outfitter - quick swapping gear sets as well as bar sets, very nice
    • Wykkyd's Quest Tracker - can see everything at a glance, can make as large or small as I want
    • XTimestamp - a time stamp for chat..
    • ZAM BuffDisplay - it's a buff display you can move around
    • ZrMM - Modified - tweakable mini-map, I don't like hitting M a ton
  • DogFaceInBananaPatch
    Any and all addons, including the ones I made, that remove as much meta-information as possible.
  • Melian
    8, mostly to make inventory management less of a chore (Bankit, Dustman) plus SoftcapInfo and some minor things.
    I have a feeling a lot of your addons add things I'm glad the UI doesn't include.
  • Sharp
    Depends on what I am doing.
    In Cyrodiil: ggFrames, CombatCloud, CombatLog.
    Questing: SkyShards, Wykkyd's Quest Tracker, Same as above.
    Crafting: Research Assistant.
    Halfheart - VR 12 Altmer Sorcerer
  • Lucifer66
    I use 17 addons. The UI in this game is well, there really isn't much of one. There is no mini-map, the quest tracker is lame, I have no idea how many HP,MP, or Stamina, I have or what my enemy has in battle. I'm flying blind in this game without addons.

    I found myself having to open up menus constantly to find out anything like how much gold I have. I had to go to town to a Blacksmithing station, Clothing station, or Woodworking station to see what my timers were, what items I needed to pick up for research, all that kind of info. How can you be in town and in a dungeon at the same time to know if you need to pick up an item or not? Yeah I could make a spread sheet for that, but who wants to do office work when your playing a game?

    So yeah I use addons, but to tell you the truth, I feel I shouldn't have to use most of them. I mean who makes a premium game with no decent HP/MP/Stamina readout, mini-map, decent quest tracker, or exp bar?

    OK, so some people like the spartan look so make it so you can turn them off or something, but these things and more should be in the game to begin with IMO.
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  • Nestor
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    JessieColt wrote: »
    I have the following add-ons:

    AI Research Grid - On the fly checking of what alts have learned what traits and motiff's.

    PL Research Timers - At the click of a keybind, I can see what I am currently researching on which alts, along with how much time is left on each one.

    Research Assistant - At a glance of my bags inventory, I can quickly see which looted items have traits that I have not yet learned so that I can ensure that I do not sell or deconstruct those items.

    You might look at the Craft Store add on, it should combine all 3 of these add on's functionality into one. Actually, come to think of it, it does. It may not work as well if you have two or more alts that know the same Trait in a craft line. But, I would imagine you have one crafter for each like I do (well, I have a Clothing/Woodworker and a Blacksmith) and keeps them in track.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Logan9a
    11 and even with that few I get messages from LUA telling me it is not happy.
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