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Female-only Guilds?

I used to be a member of one, but when we moved I guess I was offline for too long (moved overseas). Anywho, if there are any active female-only guilds, my GT: Shamrock Midori

Thank you.
  • veiledstar
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah I’m looking for the same since the last guild I was in was extremely disrespectful to women and outright bullied me to the point of leaving, then moved everything I contributed to the guild bank to their bank when I said they were being disrespectful.

    I’d really like to be in one too. If I see a reply, I’ll post my GT.
  • aquiella
    I was in Queen's Handmaidens, but I don't use FB. I would like to rejoin them as they seemed like a nice woman-only guild, but when I moved all my guilds were gone except one.
  • Runs
    Thread is a year old... But I found this post on r/elderscrollsonline on reddit. She last made a comment 7 days ago, so she could probably still be pm'ed there if either of you have a reddit account.

    Ashl3y44 XB1-NA Fools Errand Officer Score hidden 1 year ago

    [xbox][NA] Tired of playing with the boys? Well Queens Handmaidens is for you! An all women's guild of all alliances. We host weekly events for any type of player whether experienced or newcomer to the game. There's always guildies ready to help!

    If you're interested in joining leave/pm your GT to get an invite. We also have a Facebook page: ESO GUILD FOR WOMEN (XBOX ONE, NA)

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  • aquiella
    THank you!
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