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Looking for an/some RP partner(s) | PC/NA

Soul Shriven
Heya! So I tried roleplaying once before and just couldn't find the right kind of person to mesh with nor the right kind of guild. I have experience in forum-based roleplay but do not have any experience in MMO RP. I'm a pretty busy person between a full time job and part-time school so I'm looking for a partner or group of partners whom are patient with my online times. What I'd like to find in a partner is someone who can kind of show me the ropes and help me develop interesting, lore-based stories :)

Add me to your buddy list to talk a bit more or reply to this thread! And, of course, I'm always open for friends in general so just add me on the game at czariina. Happy questing!
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  • Wirephifier
    Soul Shriven
    Sure, I'm willing to RP, my toon is a female breton sorcerer from DC.

    I play on NA PC.

    Where do you play?
    "Remember, peace is a lie."
  • theBlackRabbit1
    Soul Shriven
    I'll send you a friend request and see if we can discuss some ideas. I play a variety of characters and am currently looking for a partner. We'll see what we can work out if you're interested. B)
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  • NicholasVM
    Soul Shriven
    I have a guild for both PVE/RP purposes that I've been working on, should you wish to join in on it.
    Basic details of it can be found here.
    You can also feel free to message me in game @NicholasVM
  • PanWriter
    Soul Shriven
    I've been looking for something similar! If you're still looking for people I'd love to RP with you!
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