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RP Guild (PC NA) Looking for members to join.

Soul Shriven
Hello all, I've somewhat recently started up a RP/PVE guild and would like to extend invitations to any interested.
Publicly, (IC) the group will be known to most of Tamriel as an unaligned trading company that operates all across Tamriel itself, employing merchants and caravan members from all races and locations, so long as they're not directly aligned with the warring factions.
Behind that front, the guild is a gathering of individuals from men, mer and beast-folk alike. Individuals are able to seek their own personal goals, with the aid of others from the guild. Meanwhile, the overarching goal of the group itself is to ensure that some form of balance and stability is maintained whether that be between the nations of Tamriel itself or between Nirn and Oblivion. In addition to those efforts, they seek to provide aid and relief to those left to suffer, in the chaos wrought by both the Daedra and the warring factions.

As much of the content will be player driven, through their characters, I want to establish that members should be both mature and be aware that mature themes might be part of the RP stories. Beyond that, I ask that (while I do encourage interesting aspects of characters) you provide characters with something of a more realistic depth. In other words, no powerplaying or godmoding. Also if your character is relatively undeveloped in terms of what they are capable of IC don't worry, consider the RP sessions and such to be a way to help grow and develop your characters. As a long time tabletop rper I can say that the most interesting characters I've ever played/played with have always been the ones who develop actual character/personality rather than how much power they gain.

So, if anyone is interested or has any questions, feel free to either respond here or message me in game via @NicholasVM.
  • unluckybnny420
    Soul Shriven
    I’m interested but I’m pretty new to eso and am not sure how to join/communicate within eso without a headset, how can I join?
  • NicholasVM
    Soul Shriven
    Well first thing's first, since you mentioned a headset are you playing on a console or on PC? Because this is via PC.
  • Satyrfey
    Hello, I'm very interested in all the same things, and could benefit from the support of a guild to further my own quest to bring Kynareth's balance to Nirn. @Satyrfey

    I'll be sure to write you in game soon. New to socializing, had the game forever, only recently been playing it dedicatedly.
  • BrambleBee
    Soul Shriven
    I'd also be interested, though I've never RP'd in ESO before o: I just recently picked up the game again after a long time of not playing :'D i made an ESO version of my DnD druid and have been trying to play her mostly in character~ it would be fun to try and RP her with others!

    One question, though: how do you typically go about RPing in ESO? o: is it mostly text? or do you incorporate the quests and achievements in-game as well?

    my username in-game is @Courtzpotato, i'd be happy to join and RP <3
  • PanWriter
    Soul Shriven
    I'm very interesting in joining this guild! I've RP'd very little in game but overall I have years of RP experience and developed characters!
  • Arunei
    Hmmmmm, is this guild still going? And if so, are you on NA? If so to that as well, I'd have a few questions for ya.

    Does the group operate out of any given location, or do they sort of have spots scattered across Tamriel? What is the OOC stance on WWs and Vamps? My main is a Breton Vamp, but she tends to spend most of her time DC areas these days (though she can travel; her excuse is she's a student with the Mages Guild, so she can be traveling between branches if need be). The only real restriction on where she can go is Pact territories (so no Skyrim, Morrowind, or Black Marsh) because of an Unfortunate Thing that happened to her and has her avoiding those regions like the plague. She does hide her affliction though, since it's easier to get on in (un)life when people aren't running from you or trying to kill you lol.
    Character List [RP and PvE]:
    Stands-Against-Death: Argonian Magplar Healer - Crafter
    Krisiel: Redguard Stamsorc DPS - Literally crazy Werewolf, no like legit insane. She nuts
    Kiju Veran: Khajiit Stamblade DPS - Ex-Fighters Guild Suthay who likes to punch things, nicknamed Tinykat
    Niralae Elsinal: Altmer Stamsorc DPS - Young Altmer with way too much Magicka
    Sarah Lacroix: Breton Magsorc DPS - Fledgling Vampire who drinks too much water
    Slondor: Nord Tankblade - TESified verson of Slenderman
    Marius Vastino: Imperial <insert role here> - Sarah's apathetic sire who likes to monologue
    Delthor Rellenar: Dunmer Magknight DPS - Sarah's ex who's a certified psychopath
    Lirawyn Calatare: Altmer Magplar Healer - Traveling performer and bard who's 101% vanilla bean
    Gondryn Beldeau: Breton Tankplar - Sarah's Mages Guild mentor and certified badass old person
    Gwendolyn Jenelle: Breton Magplar Healer - Friendly healer with a coffee addiction
    Soliril Larethian- Altmer Magblade DPS - Blind alchemist who uses animals to see and brews plagues in his spare time
    Tevril Rallenar: Dunmer Stamcro DPS - Delthor's "special" younger brother who raises small animals as friends
    Celeroth Calatare: Bosmer <insert role here> - Shapeshifting Bosmer with enough sass to fill Valenwood

    PC - NA - EP - CP1000+
    Avid RPer. Hit me up in-game @Ras_Lei if you're interested in getting together for some arr-pee shenanigans!
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