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Official Discussion Thread for "Trial ESO Plus or Get Crown Crates Free During our Bonus Event"

  • Kattemynte
    Just wondering when those with ESO+ will be getting the free crown crates. I have been logged in playing for both the 10th and 11th and no crates.
  • Mureel
    Interesting. I tnought we just had one of these. Has it been that long, already?

    Can I put in a friendly request to offer something to the ESO Plus people aside from Crown Crates, in some future version of this event?

    What would you like to see? :)

    A furnishing bag or even just add a furnishings tab to the crafting bag.
    Goddess yes!
  • Aeslief
    Kattemynte wrote: »
    Just wondering when those with ESO+ will be getting the free crown crates. I have been logged in playing for both the 10th and 11th and no crates.

    From the article linked in the very first post of this very thread:
    The free Crown Crates will be delivered to your account by Friday, July 20.
  • Donari
    xgoldelf wrote: »
    I’m waiting for my card to come in the mail to make a purchase hoping it comes any day and I was going to get an eso membership. I see the event is starting July 10-16. A question to ZOS but will I still be able to acquire the 6 psijic crates if I get a membership instead of the trial and login between those days?

    You will -only- be able to acquire the crates if you are a paid member. They are not available to free trial players, per the article. So at whatever point you become a paid member and start logging in daily during the event, you will get the crates for those days. But not for the days you were not yet subbed, so you may not get all six crates.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome

    i'm used to being a member / i don't recall having to do that


    Glad I could help. :)
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
    A useful explanation for how RNG works
  • casparian
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  • Mancombe_Nosehair
    As a non subscriber, one thing that really annoyed me during the free plus period was the fact that I did 5 random normals on the trot, and each one was a dlc. I appreciate that some people like them, but I can't stand them; they are too long and tedious for me.

    It really is a deal breaker for me. I would suggest an option to turn off dlc's on random normals, to at least give us an choice.

  • ESO_Andi
    Soul Shriven
    I don't have ESO+. If I buy ESO+ now before July 20, would I get the bonus crates?
  • Marabornwingrion
    ESO_Andi wrote: »
    I don't have ESO+. If I buy ESO+ now before July 20, would I get the bonus crates?

  • Sarannah
    Like the event, but do not like having to log in as an ESO+ member to get the crates. Especially since those who get the free ESO+ do not have to do anything to get it. The crates should just be awarded if you have an active paid ESO+ membership for that period. This also solves the confusion on timezones, and on if players missed out on crates while they are actively subscribed to ESO+.
    I log in twice every day during this type of event to make sure I do not accidently miss a daily crate. (something I often see posted)
  • code65536
    Sarannah wrote: »
    Especially since those who get the free ESO+ do not have to do anything to get it.

    They still have to log on. I mean, sure, I could log on, claim the free trial, and then not log on again for the rest of the week (which is exactly what I did with one of my mule accounts). But, um, what good is a week free ESO+ if I do anything in the game to make use of it?

    Plus, you are already having to log on daily for the daily rewards. This wasn't exactly an onerous, undue burden.
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  • noob in denial
    noob in denial
    What would you like to see? :)

    Having an experience of over 15 years with games/mmorpgs, the biggest and most common problem/flaw i noticed most of these shared was balance, especially PvP balance. And this is probably the biggest reason these games have/had a much shorter lifespan than they could achieve. There are companies here and there that are capable of doing that, like blizzard ( most of their games are well balanced ) but they are rare.

    The way i see it, this game cannot be balanced unless there's goin to be a clearer distinction between PvP and PvE, since what works in pve cannot be guaranteed to work in pvp and the other way around. Having said that, no cooldown system is impossible to balance for both pvp and pve, and the results so far are cringy. Also the fact that the way swapbar works, it only incentivises the use of macros. Macros aren't ineherently a bad thing, it's just a bad thing for ESO because, as a result of this game's design, macro users gain an extremely huge advantage over those who do not use macros.

    So, as a conclusion: focusing on unimportant stuff that shortens the lifespan of a game for mid-short term gain is shortsighted and plain stupid, and from my POV the people who take the decisions for this game are not very competent. Have a look at other old games that still make a tons of profit and learn from them ( wow, eve, and so on ).
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