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ESO+ subscription time remaining in-game accessible to addons?

G'day. It looks like there is no way in-game to determine the remaining time of the ESO+ subscription. The buff doesn't have duration information, and the handful of API calls used in the store, etc, are just boolean: "am I ESO+, or no."

It would be great if there was a way to get the remaining time, so that it could be automatically displayed by addons; I'd like to have some idea when my next subscription tick will be, and thus when I'll see crowns come in. I'd rather that was automatically managed and in-game, so this request.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    You can see that from the account page here.
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  • SlippyCheeze
    Nestor wrote: »
    You can see that from the account page here.

    Absolutely! I can also track it manually, and honestly, just by watching the crowns roll in. I'm sorry that I wasn't clearer: there are a bunch of ways to do this right now, I'd just like to be able to have it on my "status of things" bar in-game because ... honestly, because of no especially good reason. :)

    So, yeah. It isn't that I have no idea, it is that I just want this thing because I want the details to be perfect on the infobar. :)
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