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/help command

Simply put, there are too few options for reporting issue types that affect general game play style and the overall impression players receive from the game current extremely inadequate issue reporting system. there are many times when have simply stopped reporting a problem/issue or feedback because NONE and i truly mean None of the currently available selections apply to the issue I and my friends are trying to address. At a minimum some of the currently selected issues could be simply fixed by adding an "other" selection to the current list of options.
  • Nestor
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    They are supposed to streamline the issue reporting system. I usually give up and just choose Other rather than play the "Wheres Waldo" with the category i want the report to go to. I think the new system is on the PTS.
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  • Reverb
    The issue reporting ui was much better in the first year of the game, the categories made sense, and it was much easier to report problems.

    They changed it around the time of console launch. I can only figure the changes were meant to discourage people from reporting issues. It's effective at that.
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    Armitas wrote: »
    This game is so broken I don't even know how people distinguish CE from negligent development.
  • Tasear
    Wasn't reporting issues changed in wolfhunter pts? Are you talking about new or old one?
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