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ESO and Twitch Check Out - Major Problems

The ESO payment system appears to be struggling with processing Twitch Purchases. I have experienced unprecedented delays of receiving my crowns; and often receiving the wrong item (e.g. bought 5500 crowns and received duplicate copies of Summerset ). Normally, I would just shrug this off and accept the delays but the support representatives are beyond frustrating. I have undergone weeks of back and forth Copy/Paste responses in which they do not actually review the ticket and attachments.

I am not sure what is going on behind the scenes, but this is an ESO issue; as I dont experience this elsewhere. I am going to request that Amazon investigate this issue and suspend their Twitch purchases if this is not an isolated issue.
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Just confirming we're aware of this issue and are working on getting it fixed.
    Gina Bruno
    Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • Komma
    They also aren't giving credit to some streamers for purchases made on their channels. Was told by twitch nothing was purchased on our channel even though I know it has.
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