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Lich Skill Line

  • VaranisArano
    I would rather have a necromancer class

    Specializing in Forum Thread Necromancy, perhaps?
  • notimetocare
    You couldn't have a lich skillline. Necromancy maybe buts its a rough one on the lore (hero npc interaction for story purpose). But a Lich? That is a permanent change. It would be akin to werewolf being permanent. How do you interact with NPCs? Severe abominations that would NEVER be accepted.
  • Ann03
    Like a few others I think a Lich class/skill line would be over the top. Lore wise it seems a rare occurrence that's difficult to obtain. Not to mention it would be like painting a target on your back anytime you walk into a populated area. Sure you might be able to disguise the rotting flesh with a few illusions & some make-up but the smell? No hiding that!

    Having a Necromancer skill line (or even class) seems more obtainable, likely lore wise, and far less obvious. Anyone could be a Necromancer your neighbor, your spouse, that nice old lady down the street that brings you sweet rolls on holidays. Questing given the premise can make playing a less than reputable character a little more tricky (which is why I wish the game offered 3 different response types to choose from - not every one is a hero.) but could be done. People have ulterior motives all the time. A skill line might be better than an actual class given the current Sorcerer skills. Maybe something with blood magic?


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  • Ankael07
    DoctorESO wrote: »
    Will we be able to use the Lich skill line to "raise" enemy players in PvP and temporarily be able to control them?
    So far, the closest to being a Lich one can get in the game is High Elf with Soul Shriven or Blackmarrow skin, 2pc Nerieneth, 5pc Caluurion's Legacy, and 5pc Lich.

    Dont forget the Bahraha's Curse though its not that effective in pvp.
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  • Sparr0w
    lich/necromancers and templars fighting over dead bodies :lol:
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  • JPcrazysquirrel3
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    Mayrael wrote: »
    Class reps are just like our politicians. They promise mountains made of gold for us, but in the end, whenever they can they try to push their own agenda.


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  • LapisLazuli99
    Necros are rampant as enemies but it give a good idea of the kinds of skills to expect.

    Also current Necro summons could be kinda fun? The whole cheap/expendable pet spam rather than standard dps.
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