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Which PvE role is the hardest?

  • Sparr0w
    Rotations harder to master than managing buffs or healing the group. Exceptions being some harder trials where it's pretty evens.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Heimpai
    Idk as someone new to pc and kb/m i tend to hit the wrong numbers/keys while moving soo for me stam dps is the hardest atm

  • Mojmir
    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
    No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
    Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
    Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
  • Sru
    DoctorESO wrote: »
    You can't heal or tank your way to content completion, but you sure can DPS your way.

    Think this is missing the question, not what role is the most useful but the role that's the hardest.

    An average healer is easy to do - a top tier healer is hard. No rotation, constant juggling DPS and healing with support buff/debuffs

    An average tank is easy - taunt the biggest baddie and keep it angry at you. A great tank taunts, debuffs, manages adds, pulls aggro from healers/dps's and controls the temp of the fight. Will also be the last standing so rezz's squishies. Again, no rotation so always has to be switching skills.

    A bad to good DPS is (just) knowing where to stand and perfecting a rotation. Yes, it takes time to get high DPS but the fundamental role is not complex.
  • Asardes
    Mojmir wrote: »

    Can't really say that's the hardest thing to tank. I usually prefer doing it as self-sustaining tank with 3 DDs for speedier clear. Each time I tried with healer it took very long.
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  • BlazingDynamo
    LOL @ everyone who choose DPS
  • Tasear
    It's not simply keeping be alive or supporting the team it's about seeing future and making predictions how players will react. Why do you suddenly have ward on you? Cause I see you not doging that incoming attack. It's those kind of moments healer truly shines. Nobody is perfect so when you aren't your healer is there to support you.
  • Amp151
    Hardest to Easiest:
    In general.
    Content Depending. They all have it easy somewhere depending on what kind of content you play.
    DPS will prob win the majority of the vote. It's what the majority of ppl play and ppl like to think they have the hardest job/are doing the most work.
    Edited by Amp151 on June 26, 2018 2:17PM
  • DaveMoeDee
    I do daily pledges on a tank and have done a decent percentage of vet dungeons on a healer. The main advantage of being a tank or healer is that you can cover for your own mistakes by being a rock or healing yourself. DDs need to try to maximize their damage while not getting one-shot.

    Then again, when the DPS suck, we still clear hard mode on base game dungeons. It just takes forever. But If my tanking is crap, those low DPS DDs would wipe over and over again, so everyone can get away with sucking if no everyone sucks. I suppose the counter argument is that DPS can be so low that a boss can out-heal damage.

    I haven't really tried DPS because it seems like a bit much. I'm not really interested in trying to optimize a rotation on an attack dummy. I also like the immediate queue times, especially when I'm doing yesterday's pledges. One of these days I'll give it a try.
  • DaveMoeDee
    dave011 wrote: »
    Hardest role by far is Tank!

    DPS: all you have to do is bring boss down and stay alive!

    Heals: try and keep everyone alive while taking down boss. if heals is down dps can revive.

    Tank: if they go down well *** your screwed heals takes agro, dps trys to revive tank then dps is not getting heals because heals is trying to keep themselves alive and the rest of this fight is going to go? I don't need to say.
    So you are saying tanking is easy because the tank never has to rez the tank, right?

    But it is pretty easy to not go down as a tank. And it is also pretty easy to pop a Magma Shell and go rez people.
  • Astrid
    No role is quite as judged by numbers and overall criticised as much as dps.
  • BigBadVolk
    All roles are equally hard, in every role you have to keep up resources, buffs (self, group), DDs additionally have to keep the damage high and stable as much as possible, tanks have to keep aggro on the bosses and place them correctly, healers have to heal :D so tbh there should be an option of all of them

    +it depends on the person, I know good tanks who cant play dd or heal and vica versa
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  • Druid40
    The one for which you are least prepared.
  • dtsharples
    I think it depends on the difficulty of the content, and how accomplished your group members are.

    I think Healers are invaluable in PUGs, and have the hardest job.
    I also think they are invaluable in trials, and have the hardest time being visually aware and reactive.

    I think Tanks have the hardest job when doing new content, as they have to react so quickly to new mechanics.

    I think DPS have a hard time when the fight involves an awful lot of movement.
    If you can pretty much stand still, DPS is a piece of cake. I main a DK DPS so I understand entirely how movement can screw up those damage numbers.

    I play a healer for probably about 50% of my time in PVE.
    And I can see how much I am 'needed' by my group as a healer by the amount of Damaging skills I have on my bar by the end of the content. I always play with 1 or 2 Damage skills, but if the group is pretty proficient I'll swap out a whole bar to do some DPS.
    If the group is a bit unprepared, it can feel like herding cats trying to buff everyone and keep them alive.

    In Trials content, you'll notice if a Healer or Tank isn't doing their job - because you'll be dead.
    You'll only notice if a DPS isn't performing if you can visually see that they don't have a rotation. Or alternatively if more than one DPS is failing, you'll notice it in the overall Damage numbers.
    I understand that you need a certain amount of DPS to get through some mechanics, but that responsibility is spread between 8 or 9 people.
    Healing and Tanking is usually the responsibility of just 1 or 2 group members, so for me it is a more challenging / harder role to fulfil - and if you fail, everyone will know immediately.

    But overall, I think it's a very personal choice.
    I know some guild members who will swap to a DPS role from tanking or healing, if they want to 'chill out' in a trial.
    And others who would prefer to tank as they think it is easy.
    And others still who will only play healers, in any situation.

  • SilverWF
    They need to avoid AOEs and follow mechs just the same as rangeDDs but also they need to take care about allies

    Most content are not melee-friendly, so they are getting shttons of damage, so they need to avoid stuff much more often, while maintaining their DPS output

    Just focus on your rotation and avoid AOEs sometimes

    Just keep aggro and debuffs on boss, literally no need to avoid anything, because you can survive everything (99% of)
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  • Soella
    All are easy to play OK, all are hard to play very good.

    Difference between OK and very good DD is more obvious, and DD depend on proper gear more than tank or heals.
  • HappyLittleTree
    I'd say tank but just because I'm *** as a tank.

    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • FlyLionel
    At the highest level of pve all your dps in a raid setting is 45k dps minimum and its a fiber twitch meaning your rotation is simple and brain dead to you, now you just focus on boss mechanics.

    Tank needs more situational awareness however but can be saved by their healers thus lessening the stress(L2 taunt and block is everything)

    Healers at the highest level can never slack off, not even an ounce unlike dps u may have to disengage and reset rotation or a tank is panicking so they spam igneous gdb through block. Healing isnt bol spam; it is top situational awareness of your allies resources(After you seen your stam dps dodge roll 2 times + break free in vhof) and topped off in health. The best healers in the game are the ones worth most value.

    High level point of view.
    Edited by FlyLionel on July 11, 2018 9:44AM
    The Flyers
  • SidewalkChalk5
    I have played every role in the game in vet trials. I main a DPS with the ability to switch to DPS/healer hybrid as needed. (I only play a pure healer in vet trials, which is the only content that requires them.)

    DPSing and healing are so trivially easy that any half-decent Templar, Sorc, or Warden can do both without even slotting a Resto staff. DK and NB may have to sacrifice a bit more DPS by slotting a Resto, but they can do it, too.

    Tanking is by far the most difficult, and it's not even close.Tanking requires the greatest knowledge of mechanics, priority targets, maintaining buffs/debuffs, maintaining taunt, managing resources, and so on. Due to splitting their resources pools to get higher health values, Tanks have limited DPS and healing ability, making them more dependent on the group and less able to solo the content. Unlike DPS and healers, if the group sucks, there's very little a tank can do about it to make the situation better.

    A perfect DPS can solo most content regardless of the tank and healer.
    A perfect healer can do the same, a little slower but still effective.
    A perfect tank with a crap group = a crap run.
    Edited by SidewalkChalk5 on July 11, 2018 10:25AM
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