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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • Fortunatto
    logarifmik wrote: »
    Add some common not fancy robes like this one, please.
    this robe will be really welcomed <3
    along with all altmeri costumes, that npcs wear in Summerset
    all things that fits the lore and not too ridiculous will be welcome by me, I suppose

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  • lishybach
    Might have been mentioned already, but a Psijic personality would be awesome. Kinda similar to the Telvanni Magister one, but instead of blue orbs, yellow. :)
  • DamenAJ
    A "home" in an outlaw's refuge.

    Be nice for both RP, and to teleport to for clearing your bounty/fencing your goods.
  • Lapin_Logic
    Transmute crystal packs for transmuting items.

    it would help out players who don't have a lot of time to farm and have many characters they would like to fit up.
    Crown mimic stones provide a similar work around for styles and transmuted items are bound so will not break the market or the balance of the game, simply save time for those of us with so little of it :smile: .
  • Strifur
    I would really like to see a new notable house in the Alinor/Summerset style. Something along the lines of Linchal Grand Manor, meaning a house (perhaps multiple structures) and a big outdoor area. The Colossal Grotto area seems to lack defined structure. Really hope that is not the only notable house we receive.

    Come to think of it, a vineyard estate would be awesome! Loved seeing the one outside of Alinor the first time I went there!
    Edited by Strifur on June 28, 2018 3:07PM
  • BreakdownX98
    I would love for Tel Galen and other exclusive houses to come back to the store.
  • Puzzlenuts
    A pony mount
  • elven.were_wolf
    Can you add a sigle feather earing to the crown store? I’d like one for my woodelf
    Achievement hunter: Master Angler, Tamriel Hero, Exicutioner, Master Theif, Enemy of Coldharbor, Deadric Lord Slayer, etc...
  • ArchMikem
    Can we get more animal variants of the Alliance War Mount?

    Id really appreciate a Senche with Pact colors.
    CP1,300+ Master Explorer - AvA Praetorian - Console Peasant
  • Windstrider2017
    DamenAJ wrote: »
    A "home" in an outlaw's refuge.

    Be nice for both RP, and to teleport to for clearing your bounty/fencing your goods.
    Seconded! That would be awesome!

    Also, a baby horker pet, maybe in some sort of Skyrim or Nord themed crown crate and/or offered as a standalone purchase for a similar price to other purchasable pets? Being able to buy it with crown gems would be great, too.

    Edited by Windstrider2017 on July 3, 2018 6:23AM
    Main: Raa'kim - Khajiit Templar - Aldmeri Dominion
  • POps75p
    farming bots, farming bots and mo farming bots
  • rexagamemnon
    Can we get more imperial DLC? What is beyond varen’s wall. There is a toggle open button on the door on varen’s wall, quit playing with my emotions! Also more imperial themed costumes and cosmetics. I really would like something like General Tullius’ armore from Skyrim
  • ArchMikem
    Can we get more imperial DLC? What is beyond varen’s wall. There is a toggle open button on the door on varen’s wall, quit playing with my emotions! Also more imperial themed costumes and cosmetics. I really would like something like General Tullius’ armore from Skyrim

    The Colovian Estates. Possible future DLC zone which includes the city of Skingrad I believe. There'd be no reason for ZOS to make it an actual door you can interact with if they never planned on it being usable eventually.
    CP1,300+ Master Explorer - AvA Praetorian - Console Peasant
  • LordLomax
    Atallanta wrote: »
    Silent84 wrote: »
    I want so damn bad black Lion mount :(

    I think it will drop from Psijic Crates, legendary reward tier. Someone posted a screenshot in the thread “What did you get in your Psijic Crown Crate”


    Yes your right I got the black lion in the 5 free Psijic crown crates , I also really wanted it , defently worth getting it is also available for 100 gems in the crown crates.

  • Silent84
    LordLomax wrote: »
    Atallanta wrote: »
    Silent84 wrote: »
    I want so damn bad black Lion mount :(

    I think it will drop from Psijic Crates, legendary reward tier. Someone posted a screenshot in the thread “What did you get in your Psijic Crown Crate”


    Yes your right I got the black lion in the 5 free Psijic crown crates , I also really wanted it , defently worth getting it is also available for 100 gems in the crown crates.

    man i am so damn happy i got it on the last 5 free crates that we got on the daily log in! Ty buddy <3
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  • Banana
    Class change
    Character copy to another slot
  • Skullstachio
    A Skeleton Skin (not the polymorph) would be awesome, proving that sometimes, Underneath all that armor beats the rattling bones of an undead skeleton.
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  • SlaaneshiHorror
    A pet hoarvor would be great. I know we have the necrotic one, but I'd like one of the typical ones we see wandering the Green. Maybe even a pet strangler, if that's possible on any level. Just more of the regular but odd creatures we've already seen throughout Tamriel but never gotten as pets.
  • rexagamemnon
    Here are my requests for mounts.
    - Moose
    - Galimimus
    - Utah Raptor
    - Colombian Mammoth/ Wooly Mammoth
    - Iguanodon
    - Rhino
    - Indricotherium
    - Giraffe
    - Ostrich/Extinct Elephant Bird
    - Bactrian Camel
    - Friesian Horse
    - Megalania
    - Terrorbird
    - Okapi
    - Zorse (horse body, zebra patern)
  • Unit117
    I would love more mephala stuff. Another chance at her statue would be great. Also a dress made out of webs, a home that is a spider den with spiders hanging around the place. For furniture I would like mephala paintings, shrines and more web/ caccoon options
  • playerkiller247
    I mean. Can we get Mephalas outfit though??
  • Elsonso
    Additional character voices, male and female, all races.

  • rexagamemnon
    More Roman and Greek inspired Costumes for the imperials, General Tullius costume.
    Might be wrong era for General Tullius custume, but there was the Dragonborn costume
  • LadyDestiny
    Would love an Indrik mount and some psyjic pets. A psyjic senche cub to match my mount please. Would like to see some costumes that don't dye well fixed or at least a way to preview dyes on them before you buy.
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