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Hello, I have an old beta account and participated in free weekend trials. I have not played the game since the free weekend trial in 2015. I recently redeemed a code to come back for Summerset, but when I try to login to the game I get an error message like I don't have an active account.

The support home makes it seem like that message pops up for people who haven't purchased the game, but my account summary clearly shows the standard Summerset edition. I believe I am supposed to have the base game, Morrowind, and Summerset, but that is not clear from the account page. Before I applied the code the account page showed that I had Tamriel Unlimited.

I submitted a ticket # 180613-006287, but I am not sure if it is under the proper category or what to expect for an estimated wait time. I am guessing my inability to login comes from the old account being flagged a trial from when subscription was mandatory. I appreciate any assistance.
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  • ZOS_Bill

    Your ticket #180613-006287 is open and under the correct category. Please be aware that it may take longer than typical to receive a response due to customer support experiencing a higher than usual volume of support requests.
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  • Nhudri
    I am not sure what is considered "longer than typical" considering it's already been two business days.

    Looks like at least two other people have had the same issue that never got resolved through support.

    I don't know if it's too difficult for support to remove the trial flag from an old beta account. I assume CS doesn't have to deal with this situation that often. If it's easier for me to make a brand new ESO account and have support transfer the licenses/keys and crowns over to the new account I am open to that.

    If staff here have a way to escalate the ticket I would appreciate that. I even tried tweeting at TESOnline and BethesdaSupport, although I don't know if that will help since I didn't get a response.
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  • Nhudri
    I just wanted to update that customer support was able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Thank you to BillE, Zachariah, Sarah and anyone else who may have assisted.
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