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Mauloch's pride and glory recruit

Warrior, adventurer and clan brother, hello for Malacath!

Mauloch's Pride and Glory was originally a guild of Orc,child of Malacath, which explains the rental of our guild house and guild merchant, and his name (Mauloch is another name for Malacath)
We had in mind to go through all the dangers and all the adventures of all Nirn with that strength, will, and hatred proper to the Orcs.

The guild at known great time of glory, and the rage of Malacath is felt in all Tamriel, but after the betrayal of the Bretons and Redguards and the fall of the old Orsinium, we have been obliged to diversified in order to survive and continued to exist, now we are a guild of all races and all horizons.

We seek to expand by recruiting experienced warriors, as simple adventurers in thirst for power and bravery, to walk the dungeon and other trials the most difficult of the game, but also to become a great merchant guild.Or simply to enjoy the pleasures of life in Tamriel and the other benefits that a guild such as ours can bring.

Brother Orcs and other warriors you are welcome by Malacath !!!

All EU People can join
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