Bought Physical Collectors Edition from Amazon...didn't get Queen's Bounty Pack or Nightmare Senche

I bought the Physical Collectors Edition of Summerset from Amazon in late March and they never sent me an email with any kind of pre order code for either the Nightmare Senche or Queen's Bounty Pack. I sincerely hope someone sees this and properly addresses it with more than a copy and paste response on how to submit a ticket because surely I am not the only one going through this.
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  • JPcrazysquirrel3
    ZOS_JesC wrote: »

    That was not helpful. I'm having the same issues.

    In detail:
    I pre-ordered my physical collector's edition on March 29th from Newegg.
    I received the package in the mail June 5th.
    I entered the only code that I could find in box, emails, or anywhere. But did not get the Queen's Bounty Pack, consisting of the Nightmare Senche, Court of Bedlam Costume, Pocket Salamander, Psijic Crown Crate, Treasure maps, and XP scrolls.
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