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Are you ordering Summerset after running the beta????

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Are you ordering Summerset after running the beta???? 18 votes

WardenCommander.Costantinob14_ESOSkayaqToc de MalsviSolohopeKaxxiLordTarannorVicRedguardayecueRogihorJPcrazysquirrel3 10 votes
WhiteCoatSyndromeDorohedoXvorgTheMystidJumpmanLane 5 votes
RouDeRNarvuntienstumpysconcern 3 votes
  • Narvuntien
    I'll wait until its on sale probably, although it would only need to be a small sale. I didn't buy morrowind until it was half price I'd by summerset for less of a discount.

    Also by waiting I am not suck with the crowds and having all the delve monsters killed in front of me so I can quest at my own pace.

    The only issue is I'll be behind on my crafting but I started this game years into it was I was late to crafting the first time as well.
    Edited by Narvuntien on May 24, 2018 3:40AM
  • VaranisArano
    I preordered Summerset before the beta, so I'm not sure what option to pick?

    Geysers are a lot better with a bunch of people running around. I was underwhelmed on the PTS, but right now they are fun with everyone running them.

    Anyway, I'm happy with Summerset.
  • JumpmanLane
    I preordered it before I got invited to run it in beta. They messed up Imperial medium boots 4. I want my money back >:(
  • JPcrazysquirrel3
    I mean, I pre-ordered it before the beta. But I think this will be my last purchase of a DLC or expansion as ZOS has really outdone themselves this time around with pissing off its veteran playerbase.
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    Class reps are just like our politicians. They promise mountains made of gold for us, but in the end, whenever they can they try to push their own agenda.


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