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Seeking tips for becoming Emperor

Here are the tips I have so far:
  1. Complete all of the repeatable quests, but don't turn them in.
  2. Change to a non-CP or <50 campaign and get some friends.
  3. Right after the campaign resets, go into a delve and kill a boss for the double AP bonus, then immediately turn in all of the quests to get pushed into the lead right at the start.
  4. Group up with friends and capture keeps like crazy to maintain lead.
  5. Keep going until goal is achieved.

Is there anything here that needs changing? Anything not here that should be added? I want to go for the achievement, so I'm really eager to know as much as possible to improve my chances.
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  • Taleof2Cities
    A lot of self-motivation and willpower ... along with a little caffeine.
    "May you walk on warm sands."
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  • Beardimus
    Get some PvP experience first. Emporer is the highest accolade in the game (IMO) don't think of it as a box ticking exercise as its seriously devalues it. You'll regret it.

    Work on your PvP, get good / strong. (BattleGrounds is a great place to learn as its constant fights) Learn the ropes of how the Cyrodiil battlefield works so you can lead a group. Work out how best to use emp to ensure you help your alliance push for victory when you get it as the alliance will expect that.

    Emperor means alot more than ticking a box.

    And never ever get into any form of AP boosting or flipping of resources for AP as boosting gets you banned. And sadly those 'just after the achievement' tend to end up going this route which equates to cheating. It also gets hatred hurled down upon you from the community!

    Look up Nate/Crowns guide as that helps..and does mention many of the points you have listed.
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