looking for quilds for my husband and I to join.

Soul Shriven
Hello, my husband and i are new to ESO and need quilds to join we have been doing quests daily while the kids are in school or asleep. Please if you have a spot open and think we might be a good fit please let me know and how to join that would be great thank you.
  • Marginis
    Magicka is always looking for new members, if you're up to giving an RP guild a shot. No rush - I'll let you think about it. While you're thinking, feel free to read up on some info Here, or shoot me a message on xbox (gamertag: Marginis ii).

    May warm sands be in your travels, friend!
    @Marginis on PC, Senpai Fluffy on Xbox, Founder of Magicka. Also known as Kha'jiri, The Night Mother, Ma'iq, Jane Shepard, Damia, Kintyra, Zoor Do Kest, You, and a few others.
  • Deadwillpower
    Always willing to provide information and play with people. All the mundus stones and most of the important crafting stations and transmute station at the guild. No fees or anything. If you haven't found something we can shoot ya an invite. MSG Deadwillpower or drop your gt. It's an 18 older guild come check us out if you'd like.
  • MrGrym
    Swords of valor is always looking for pve and pvp members, our only rules are to be semi-active, respectful, and join us on discord. Let me know if you're still looking for a guild and are interested. My Gt is TheGrimHarvest
  • Steel_Linx43
    Blackhands of Sithis dungeons guild is open to you joining I am a father and husband as well feel free to leave your gamer tags
  • BadSerpico
    Ebonheart Defenders, we are friendly and adults msg me GT Bad Serpico
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